January 2019
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sculpture network start'19 in Art Center Ahjo, Joensuu:

Sculpt the world with us – You are cordially invited to start'19, the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture

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Your sculpture network Team

The event happening in the Art Center Ahjo on the 27th of January is called TRANSITION. On that date is also the final day of an exhibition titled TRANSITION. The exhibition gathers 12 sculptors from the region of North Carelia, and it is curated by sculptor Tuomas Ollikainen. The artists participating in the exhibition are: Reetta Gröhn-Soininen, Valde Hassinen, Teijo Karhu, Lasse Kuurila, Teppo Laurinolli, Henriikka Leppänen, Liisa Nikitin, Juha Pitkänen, Leena Reittu, Jonna Salonen, Pertti Syrjänen, Harri Turunen. Bringing together younger and older generations of sculptors, the exhibition gives a wide view on the three-dimensional practices of the region.

Also at the same, the curator and organiser of the event Tuomas Ollikainen is having an exhibition titled 2-4/52. During the three weeks of the exhibition the artist will work in the exhibition space and create one sculpture per week. Only on the 27th of January during the TRANSITION-event, the work is visible completed.

And here is the program of the TRANSITION:

11:00 Doors open

11:30 Projection of the Start '19 welcome video

12:00-14:00 Discussion among the sculptures with the artists, moderated by Tuomas Ollikainen

17:00-20:00 Evening program:

Dance performances by the ISLO students of dance and somatic education program - 5 performances

Screening of "Genderfluid", a video piece by Kikka Rytkönen.

Sound theatre performance "Red Room" by Jaap Klevering - an audiovisual blast about artificial intelligence.

Concert by Alieu Kamara - So like always in the history different genres of music are merged together and something new has been created. This time traditional dance music meets electronic dance music. Alieu Kamara is a fresh artist from Joensuu, he is performing his own song by looping traditional instruments like recorder and harmonica and not so traditional synthetizers. Prepare to dance!

Art Center Ahjo
Kirkkokatu 23
80100 Joensuu


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