Isabela Lleo


Belonging to the series of SEAFOAM, this work is emblematic because it represents the form of the flower of almmondtrees, flourishing as soon as january or february. They are the first flowers every year....
This work has been exhibited in Venice bienale, Giardinni Marinaressa with the European Cultural Center in Personal Structures Exhibition in 2917, as well as in Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2020 and Bondi 2021


Dimensions : 90 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 30 kg
Year : 2017
Material : Bronze
Technique : Casting
Style : abstract

Isabela Lleo

Living in close contact to nature and inspires her to live in harmony with trees, birds, clouds and the sea. These and other elements give meaning to the being and determine under the temporal sign of contrast the precise relationship of woman with the universe. Transfiguration, which here is carried out by forms taken from nature, takes place in the creative consciousness of the artist. Reality is experienced aesthetically and is an experience that corresponds to her entire being Su vida deviene en estrecho contacto con la naturaleza y le inspira el cuidado de los árboles, las aves, las nubes y el mar. Estos y otros elementos le dan sentido al devenir y determinan bajo el signo temporal del contraste la relación precisa del hombre con el universo. La transfiguración, que aquí se lleva a cabo mediante formas tomadas de la naturaleza, tiene lugar en la conciencia creadora del artista. La realidad es experimentada estéticamente por la artista y es una experiencia que compete a todo su ser.

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Belonging to the series of SEAFOAM, this work is emblematic because it represents the form of the flower of almmondtrees, flourishing as soon as january or february. They are the first flowers every year.... This work has been exhibited in Venice bienale, Giardinni Marinaressa with the European Cultural Center in Personal Structures Exhibition in 2917, as well as in Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2020 and Bondi 2021
Isabela Lleo, Bronze
Das Ende der Solidarität
Holzrelief, Beitrag zur Ausstellungsreihe "Lasst die Volksseele kochen!"
Otto Beer, Wood
Wasser Larvikrit Bildhauersymposium 2014 Asgard Norwegen
Friedrich Vossel, Stone, Stone
Große und Kleinere Bewegung
Ein Blick in die Werkstatt. Im Vordergrund "Bewegung" in zwei Größen
Cornelia Hammans, Bronze, Metal
Chaotische Harmonie
Auftrag für eine Außenanlage. Hier vor der Montage noch in meiner Werkstatt.
Cornelia Hammans, Bronze, Natural materials
Walnussholz "Impuls" - Welle - Bewegung - Leichtigkeit - Lebendigkeit - elegant - fließend - harmonisch Eine Skulptur, die man berühren möchte
Markus Brinker, Wood
Eine zyklische Form von 3,5 m schraubt sich aus dem Boden.
Nicole Bischoff, Wood, Wood
The witch inside you
Installation representing the power of women in three areas: brain, sex and emotion. This was punished in other times.
Maria J Aragoneses, Paper, Installation
Dreaming the woods I
The project “Deaming the forest” talks about the ephemeral experience of standing in front of a tree; the incorporeal experience of remember the nature. The work reflects on the relationship between human beings and nature. It is a work about memory. I seek to reconnect with nature through memory. Remembering the experience of facing the wind, the leaves, the grass… The work is not explicit, everyone will read in it their own memory. Bringing the nature as a memory into the city is the only way to make it present.
Tamara Jacquin, Wood, Textile
Mauer im Kopf
Zwei Menschfiguren mit Mauern aus Schiefer im Kopf.
Nicole Bischoff, Wood, Stone
Die Wand 2
plastische Wandgestaltung aus Keramik
Guido Kratz, Ceramics
Der Exhibitionist der sich doch nicht ohne goldene shorts aufs Podest wagt.
Martin Schlamp, Wood
Unser Portrait ist Basis unserer Individualität, Ausdruck aller Möglichkeiten etwas zu seinen eigenen Bedingungen zu tun. Auf alles andere zu pfeifen und nur die Dinge zu machen mit denen man sich selbst treu bleibt.
Jonas Eideloth, Stone, Wood
The spherical shapes are inspired by the schematic representations of atoms and molecules. Small particles are everywhere: one moment in a plant, the next in an animal, a person, and sometimes in things too. 'molecular' symbolizes mankind as an inseparable part of the chain of life. It depicts the connection between all things, all live, everywhere. Luckily many people are increasingly aware of the influence of their own footprint
Fleur van den Berg, Bronze, Concrete
series of collages
noam ben-jacov, Mixed Media
she enters a state of liquidity
A woman stretches back in one fluid motion: full of surrender. She is naked and sensual. The arms and the upper part of her body are transformed into water, enhancing the sense of surrender. She becomes part of a larger whole, flows with it. For centuries the woman has been a model, muse, (lust-) object for men. She is often eroticized. This sculpture is based on a feeling from within, not on a representation from the outside. It's time for a different perspective.
Fleur van den Berg, Marble, Synthetic resin
Hey, you there! How is your vulnerability? Are you very open to others or very closed? This person tries very hard to keep everything in balance. Without its head, the heart is fragile and weighs heavy.
Fleur van den Berg, Bronze
see the world
Skulptur aus Cr-Ni Stahl gebürstet Kugel hochglanzpoliert in der sich die Ümgebung spiegelt Kopf aus Glas Körper aus GfK
Konrad Feichtinger, Metal, Mixed Media
The Ballet Dancer
The Ballet Dancer - a Male Figure 1/3 life-size in bronze. Limited edition of 7 available (1/7 already sold) Mounted on black Granite Base
André Prinsloo, Bronze, Granite
Moluccan Canoe
For the Utrecht city project 'Street wise', I was asked to create a work of art based on the street name Molukkenstraat. It is a facade stone that hangs on the wall of my home / studio, close to the street sign. This sculpture is part of the GPS tour through the Lombok district in Utrecht. Made by Peter Dubois in collaboration with Kosmopolis Utrecht. Watch the video below and hear the story behind the image. Video GPStour Lombok from Peter dubois on Vimeo
Fieke de Roij, Stone, Stone
Pingu (Birdman_II)
Reduziert-figürliche Basaltskulptur im öffentlichen Raum. International Stone Symposium Suzu 2002.
Peter Berger, Stone
Gewachsene Strukturen und die Beziehungen der Menschen prägen den Mikrokosmos einer Siedlung auf engstem Raum. Dieser wandelt ständig sein Erscheinungsbild nach allen Seiten durch Zuzug, Wegzug, Neubau, Verfall, Zerstörung und Lückenfüllung. Zudem wirken globale Entscheidungen und Einflüsse von außen. Das Wechselspiel von inneren und äußeren Vorgängen gibt jeder Siedlung ihre einzigartige Historie und Gestalt.
Ilka Raupach, Wood, Wood
Der Grübler
Gipsvormodell für eine 2m hohe Skulptur / Kubismus
Andreas Rimpel, Plaster, Clay
in einem fremden Wasser
in einem fremden Wasser lockende Gewächse recken ihre Fühler aus dem Nass erblühen glänzend weiß wiegen sich im Strom schlingen, winden, greifen schließen in die Arme ziehen hinab in den getrübten Grund aquamediale, Lübben/Spreewald
Ilka Raupach, Plastics, Mixed Media
Baltischer Bernstein – Tränen der Sonne, 4 Vogelobjekte je ca. 9 x 5 x 2 cm
Ilka Raupach, Natural materials
Anröchter Dolomit (Kalksandstein) Als Eckenbrecher Gesägt und geschliffen
Friedrich Vossel, Stone, Natural materials
Amsterdam primordial soup
Commissioned by Bouwinvest, designed by Paul Whalen. In the center of Amsterdam. This "oldfashioned" passage depicts the history of water and our relationship to it. The floor is made from terazzo, the handglazed tiles in 15 shades going from green to brown are decorated with gold, the 3 triptychs gigantic mirrors are sandblasted and painted from the back, in the middle there is a bronze fishhead shaped fountain, there are specail chandeliers made of bicycle parts and to top it off the ceiling is made of glass mosaic.
Iris Roskam, Bronze, Glass
In my hands
Arme, Originalgröße, auf Sockel montiert, Silikon und PU-Schaum
Lisa Büscher, Plastics, Others
Ode to the women of Den Helder
Dedicated to the women who live the harsh coastal life where the sea gives and takes. Commissioned by Helder Vastgoed, 3 50ties social housing flats got a make-over and were decorated with metal window frames, various ceramic surfaces, a gigantic one at the end facade and adorned with phosphorescent blown glass bubbles.
Iris Roskam, Metal, Glass
Organic media sculpture - Skulptur mit einer Haut oder Panzer aus Schwertmuscheln und einem Fernsehmonitor mit Wasserstrukturen / sculpture with sword shell skin and video monitor displaying ocean textures
Tina Zimmermann, Natural materials, Mixed Media
Jim Panse der Denker
Meine Arbeiten werden in Wachs moderiert und von mir selbst im Atelier gegossen. Nähe Informationen unter: Preise erfragen Sie bitte unter:
Jörg Engelhardt, Bronze, Metal
An outcast sanctuary
Skatepark on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam, commissioned by the city of Amsterdam. 12 tile panels were printed with glaze after drawings were colored in with ballpoint to resemble delft blue. 135m1 of 2,5x2,5 tiles 8 high were put around the pools. Because the surfaces were scatered the park is considered as a giant organism with holes were you can see inside. Skaters were in the early eighties not very popular so in the drawings you'll find other outcast such as pigeons, woodlice and trash.
Iris Roskam, Ceramics
Jim Panse der Philosoph
Meine Arbeiten werden in Wachs moderiert und von mir selbst im Atelier gegossen. Nähe Informationen unter: Preise erfragen Sie bitte unter:
Jörg Engelhardt, Bronze, Metal
Head 5
cast, handbuilt, terracotta, combustible materials, engobes, photo © Marco Wittkowski
Babette Martini, Ceramics, Clay
The Gold Rabbit ( Bronze Limited Edition 1/6)
The Gold Rabbit ... He popped out, just like that, one day, from my hat: sitting still and attentive... One ear more or less tilted depending on the secret that one confides in him and the material in which he is made to appear : A body made of plexiglass, carbon, steel, or aluminium... Why not a Golden Rabbit or a Silver Rabbit ? ...A few sleights of hand... Open your eyes now ! “The Rabbit” can be on a human scale or monumental, its dimensions will measure up with our dreams, whoever we are … ... “God is always doing geometry” wrote Plato. Joy now has a figure, a form, and volumes... Happiness is no longer an abstraction: it has a depth to it and four feet, that one just needs to caress to get a feel of bliss... ...A Rabbit like an ancient offering... A kind of Trojan Rabbit to let you into Wonderland... Soft and sweet... No one must be late when it comes to getting a kick out of life, repeats the Rabbit, at the entrance to the warren... The complicit wink of women, the lustful smile of men... ...The Rabbit at the “Origin of the World”, hidden behind the “Cony” of the Middle Ages... The “Cony” that naughty lads pushed into a metaphor and slid betwixt the thighs of lewd lasses... The “Cony” that lost, over time and at the razor’s edge, its ending in French, along with its last bits of hair... The “Cunt” revealed... ...The Rabbit of the « Garden of Delights »... Bosch’s Paradise within reach... A Rabbit sent down from Heaven … Happiness erected, one day, into a Cathedral... Stained-glass windows, to illuminate it… ...A prayer and a final sleight of hand... A herd of Rabbits coming out of the hat... Happiness multiplied... Rabbits of all sizes, each of them unique, sitting still, and attentive...
Denis Defrancesco, Bronze, Plaster
heading for a new future
acryl painting on paper and textile, epoxy, 3D / 2020
Aurelia van der Burght, Paper, Textile
“Orpheus and Eurydice”
This is a unique work. © Protected by copyright. This sculpture is part of a series of sculptures that take sequences from the narrative context of legends of ancient Greek civilization and sculpt the result of my imagination in a new way of seeing in the modern era, different, sometimes suggesting movement in the process of metamorphosis. The ancient Greeks understood that all human dramas revolve around the ubiquitous and inevitable experience of loss. Greek mythology revolves around this essential paradox of human life. Our time is limited, our control is limited and from this is born the great emotion of human existence. We love intensely, because we know that our mastery is weak. The love story of Orpheus and Eurydice exemplifies this principle in all its heartbreaking beauty. According to legend, Eurydice, the wife of Orpheus, dies at their wedding being bitten by a snake. Orpheus prays to the gods to allow him to save her, descending into hell to bring Eurydice back to life. The gods allow him to try, but on one condition - he does not have to look back at his wife who is following him. Orpheus respected this condition until the threshold of hell; but when he was ready to cross the fatal frontier, driven by the fear and impatience of love, he looked back. At that moment, the gods are faithful to their cruel promise, and Eurydice is pulled back into darkness and thus loses his wife a second time. The despair caused by the final loss of Eurydice made Orpheus despise and insult the women of Thrace. Eventually, exasperated, they retaliated by tearing him to pieces, prey to the ecstasy specific to bahic orgies. After his death, the shadow of Orpheus descends underground, into hell, he finds Eurydice, “Then lovingly they wandered side by side/ or he would follow when she chose to lead/ or at another time he walked in front/ looking back, safely,—at Eurydice.”, (Ovid, in "Metamorphoses", the eleventh book). This last passage is the theme of my sculpture: when Orpheus turns his head and looks at Eurydice without fear because the gods could no longer punish him. I sculpted the two characters in unusual shapes because they are both in a dreamlike, unreal environment, in eternity, he is a shadow and she is an illusion. I sculpted the lower half of Orpheus in bas-relief, going through the strange place of hell and the upper part of the body in three dimensions. I sculpted Eurydice with her body shape in the negative. Video:
Vasile Stefanoiu, Marble, Video
Jim Panse
Meine Arbeiten werden in Wachs moderiert und von mir selbst im Atelier gegossen. Nähe Informationen unter: Preise erfragen Sie bitte unter:
Jörg Engelhardt, Bronze, Metal
Head 6
cast, handbuilt, terracotta, combustible materials,engobes photo Marco Wittkowski
Babette Martini, Ceramics, Clay
King Kong Balls in the garden
King Kong’s Balls, the Gaze of a King, the Royal Pause for the gallery... Millions of “Likes” as though in praise of: “Everyone can go fuck themselves”... Between Conceit and indifference, a certain idea of freedom cast in bronze... Sculpt and let the sculpture speak for itself... ... Those who will see nothing but its attributes will have seen nothing, understood nothing... A grand show to bug the ‘right-minded’... to deceive fools... A half-smile... ... The coarse illusion of an impudent Monkey... The taunt of Kong to set the art-fair “cheetahs’” tongues wagging, for all the masturbatory bonobos to cop complexes... His balls on the table like coconuts thrown in the faces of conformism... His balls out in the open to hide his butt that no one will ever see... ... The calm resistance of an untamed Monkey... His gaze is elsewhere... Far from the human menagerie, the losers, the unsightly, the dicks and the dickless... Far from this brash theatre, this crass comedy... ... The Kong has a dream... A paradise lost... With no cage and no master... A laugh that we cannot hear... His balls like a gong to summon the great feast...
Denis Defrancesco, Bronze, Bronze
Sexy Lady
Life-sized chocolate sculpture, Carved out of a solid 220 kg block and then decorated and piped by hand with white and dark chocolate. Was created for a TV project with PRO7, Germany.
Gerhard Petzl, Others
ORANG UTAN Waldmensch
Meine Arbeiten werden in Wachs moderiert und von mir selbst im Atelier gegossen. Bronze mit Ölfarbe bezeichnet. Nähe Informationen unter: Preise erfragen Sie bitte unter:
Jörg Engelhardt, Bronze, Bronze
Koralle VII
Alabaster Leichtigkeit, Transparenz und Ausgewogenheit in Balance. Die natürliche Form und Oberfläche beibehalten und in Einklang gebracht.
Wilhelm Terhorst, Stone
A strange family. The relationschip is somewhat undefined but they seem happpy enough.
Bert Poot, Concrete, Others
Alienation (hang man)
Alienation (hang man) is made from used and discarded life saving vests. Forster approaches new material often through careful dismantling and reassembling. The original shape of the vest has been sewn together in a new way and filled with plastic bags. This piece of art is part of a series of seven works. MEasurements and wight vary.
Katharina Forster, Stone, Mixed Media
Meine Arbeiten werden in Wachs moderiert und von mir selbst im Atelier gegossen. BRONZE MIT ÖLFABE BEZEICHNET! Nähe Informationen unter: Preise erfragen Sie bitte unter:
Jörg Engelhardt, Bronze, Metal
APOLLO BELVEDERE (Pure White Marble / Edition of 1)
The Apollo of the Belvedere. My Years 1972-1974. Emancipation. ... A Gorgon’s curly mane... The Jim Morrison kind, sculpted with rollers, curls sealed with ammonia... The era’s canon of beauty, homemade-style. The first act of my emancipation... ... I was emerging from a childhood that hadn’t spared the rod… My desires cut short... My hair parted on the side... The front fold of my flannels neatly pressed... Not a word out of place... A stiff and starched, ordered childhood… My Self in the closet... My dreams hidden beneath my pillow... ... A pair of motorbikes rumbling across my nights... Hopper and Fonda’s choppers... A trail of dust... Easy Rider, full speed... Freedom sliding on the road... A pair of runaways opening the way for me ... America, the promised land of my Free Will... ..Music in the distance... Woodstock ‘69... Notes full of mud and fervour... Chords screaming with hope and crying out for liberation .... “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom”... Richie Havens’ improv as a personal message sent to me... “Got it”… ... In my mind, my escape plan... My secret to leave my chrysalid... “A long way from my home”... The immensity of the world before me... A swarm of Butterfly-Women on the horizon... ... Something was growing inside me, piercing beneath my skull, sprouting under my skin... Something dividing and rising... Something flowing out of me... I could feel myself becoming handsome; my wings sprouting... ... Hulk, Apollo, and Nietzsche: there was a bit of each in me... This “superhuman” feeling... Become what you are ... Freedom at age 18... The Door open at last... I was going to become what I am...
Denis Defrancesco, Stone, Marble
Power tree 2.0 with W-Lan antenna
Digitally, totally integrated tree but disconnected from nature. A chocolate-technology mixed sculpture with wires, power plug and antenna. The tree itself is carved, piped and assembled out of 100% chocolate. Stands in a bed of milk chocolate drops.
Gerhard Petzl, Mixed Media, Metal
Meine Arbeiten werden in Wachs moderiert und von mir selbst im Atelier gegossen. Nähe Informationen unter: Preise erfragen Sie bitte unter:
Jörg Engelhardt, Bronze, Bronze
Der Fisch
Die Skulptur ist einer der Gewinner des Wettbewerbs Kunst im öffentlichen Raum „Am Fluss – im Fluss“ Torgau, des Bund bildender Künstler Leipzig und der Stadt Torgau
Artem Haag, Wood more...
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