Isabela Lleo


Hergestellt in Macael, Almeria,Spanien, für die Ausstellung Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi und Cottesloe 2019 aus eigener Hand von der Kúnstlerin, ist nach einiger Zeit wieder eine grossformatige Sculptur entstanden.
Huecos siklenciosos es una creación de caracter cösmico. Dos obras que podemos usar para transportar nuestras almas, huecos silenciosos entre las culturas. Inspirado en un árbol tallado que la artista vió durante su primera visita al Continente Australiano, HUECOS SILENCIOSOS transporta el espíritu ancestral de la cultura más antigua del mundo al material imperecedero mármol.


Dimensions : 250 cm x 59 cm x 50 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 400 kg
Year : 2019
Material : Stone, Marble
Technique : carved
Style : abstract, geometric, filigree, poetic, symbolic

Isabela Lleo

Living in close contact to nature and inspires her to live in harmony with trees, birds, clouds and the sea. These and other elements give meaning to the being and determine under the temporal sign of contrast the precise relationship of woman with the universe. Transfiguration, which here is carried out by forms taken from nature, takes place in the creative consciousness of the artist. Reality is experienced aesthetically and is an experience that corresponds to her entire being Su vida deviene en estrecho contacto con la naturaleza y le inspira el cuidado de los árboles, las aves, las nubes y el mar. Estos y otros elementos le dan sentido al devenir y determinan bajo el signo temporal del contraste la relación precisa del hombre con el universo. La transfiguración, que aquí se lleva a cabo mediante formas tomadas de la naturaleza, tiene lugar en la conciencia creadora del artista. La realidad es experimentada estéticamente por la artista y es una experiencia que compete a todo su ser.

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Isabela Lleo, Stone
Inspiriert in Fliegende Seemöven, dises Wrk will die Windungen der VÓgel darstellen
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In diesem Werk wird ein Gleichgewicht dargestellt zwischen offene und massive Formen, FÚlle und Leerraum
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Über das Weibliche....HUSO.. ist ein traditioneller Werkzeug der Frauen um Wolle herzustellen
Isabela Lleo, Stone
Inspiriert im hochsteigenden Winde
Isabela Lleo, Stone, Marble
Man hóre dem WInde zu, man höre der Stille wehende Durchgänge
Isabela Lleo, Stone, Marble
Beide , das weibliche und das männliche kommen zusammen in diesem Stück, das der LIEBE gewidmet ist. Inspiriert in der Indischen tempelkunst
Isabela Lleo, Stone, Marble
Teil einer Serie von Alabasterskulpturen die in der Natur inspiriert sind
Isabela Lleo, Stone
ONES (seawaves)
I use to go diving everytime it's possible to me. The ground of the sea looks like this.
Isabela Lleo, Stone, Stone
Der Alabasterstein lag sehr lange rum....Keiner wusste was daraus werden sollte und eigentlich störte es sogar am Eingang des Hauses. Eines Tages wurde die spörrige Form rund und es sah aus wie ein Kosmisches Ei. Die Windungslinie geht durch die ganze Figur...Eines Tages wurde es ausgestellt im Kulturzentrum CCAAndratx. Die Künstlerin versuchte es zu erklären, ich weiss nicht mehr was sie erklären wollte, aber als sie die Hand darúber hielt levitierte sie. Sie fühlte eine grosse Leichtigkeit und erst danach, als ihr Fotos übger diesen Moment geschickt wurden begriiff sie dass sie sich tatsächlich über dn Boden erhoben hatte. Keiner was wie so was passiert oder warum, es ist wahrscheinlich auch vergessen.
Isabela Lleo, Stone
If anyone by hazard is coming to make hollydays in MALLORCA, YOU WILL FIND IN A protected area a woman working in sculptur , creating out of her imagination endless forms, organic forms related to the surroundings, the sea, the waves, the wind
Isabela Lleo, Stone, Wood
The Cloud is becoming the paradigma of our actual civilization. Loke a cloud we are reinventing ourselfs, the uncertainity of the futur and even of the present is total.
Isabela Lleo, Stone, Marble
Probably this continious changes elevate our level of stress to unachievable levels. When coming to a certain age people don't want to change, but the challenge of the algorithms we are submitted to are confusing us. It's terrying and emotioning at the same time. We cease to be individuals and we start to be manipuklated by the Clouds, by that what we are inserating in the clouds, by our lack of permanency. Therefor working with marble leaves an idea of our civilization. On the same time the artist is exploring the concept of EMPTINESS. Emptiness caused by the globalization, by the horror of looking at the problems of our days and the lack of understanding how we can contribute to a better world. Working in the CLOUDS is steadiness, permanency. courage towards the challenge of our time, the sadness of our wellfare also.
Isabela Lleo, Stone, Marble
The Doubting Column
The “DOUBTING COLUMN” as AXIS MUNDI represents stability as well as the magic we need to live, both: magic and stability. Trunks of oaks carved with geometric shapes: spirals, cylinders, cubes looking for harmony in the volumetric bodies... Trunks of oaks for firewood blackened, charred, superimposed on a fragile balance, form a column of 400 cm height Remains of magical trees, oaks, forests of Mallorca, the Tramuntana. And all of a sudden Australia burns. The bronze cast with fire becomes a column of burnt logs. Ancestral techniques, liquid metal penetrates. This work has acquired a symbolic character, brutal due to recent events. (Unintentionally) It's a representation of GLOBAL WARMING. The worst nightmares of destruction have transcended our reality. Burning forests, scorched earth, dead animals With this sculpture I want to say ENOUGH La <<COLUMNA DUBITATIVA>> como AXIS MUNDI representa estabilidad así como la magia que necesitamos para vivir, ambas cosas: magia y estabilidad. Troncos de encinas tallados con formas geométricas: espirales, cilindros, cubos buscando la armonía en los cuerpos volumétricos... Troncos de encinas para leña ennegrecidos, calcinados, superpuestos en un balance frágil, forman una columna de 400 cm altura Restos de árboles mágicos, encinas, bosques de Mallorca, la Tramuntana. Y de repente Australia se quema. El bronce fundido con fuego se convierte en una columna de troncos quemados. Técnicas ancestrales, el metal líquido penetra. Esta obra ha adquirido un carácter simbólico, brutal debido a los últimos acontecimientos. (Sin querer) Es una representación del CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL. Las peores pesadillas de destrucción han traspasado nuestra realidad . Bosques que arden, la tierra abrasada, animales muertos Con esta escultura deseo decir BASTA Con todo mi corazón y todo mi amor por nuestra MADRE TIERRA, me sumo a la propuesta de vivir despacio y plantar árboles que florezcan para las generaciones futuras
Isabela Lleo, Bronze
The spiral is a form that appears in nature in different ways..we can find it in clouds, in movement of the wind, in the water and also in the plants or observing the flight of the birds
Isabela Lleo, Stone
Belonging to the series of SEAFOAM, this work is emblematic because it represents the form of the flower of almmondtrees, flourishing as soon as january or february. They are the first flowers every year.... This work has been exhibited in Venice bienale, Giardinni Marinaressa with the European Cultural Center in Personal Structures Exhibition in 2917, as well as in Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2020 and Bondi 2021
Isabela Lleo, Bronze
Was sie hier sehen ist das Modell für gegebenfalls öffentliches Werk. Es ist eine aus olivenholz gemeisselte Skulptur zusammen mit 3D scan und 3D print von einer Frau die sich die Ohren, den Mund und die Augen zuhält. das bedeutet: ICH SEHE NICHT ICH HÖRE NICHT ICH SPRECHE NICHT Wia auch andere von meinen Werken bezieht sich diese Aussage auf die heutige Umstände unserer Zivilisation, hauptsächlich der "Zivilisierten Zivilisation unseres Planeten, die allerdings diejenige sind die den Sachaden unseres Planeten versursachen-
Isabela Lleo, Wood, Stone
Since 2019 following an inspiration coming the the clouds I'm "working in the clouds"... This period of my sculpture work involves a deep thinking about the sense and ephimeral living of ours, specially of our civilization. The voice of God was coming to Abraham from a cloud and a cloud was leading them through the time of the exodus. It is also a clod who is leading us, a cloud where we are all comunicating. Our time is changing the form of cominucation of humans through the "CLOUD DRIVE"
Isabela Lleo, Stone
CAN OCAS sculpture park
In southern part of Mallorca Island we are setting up a sculpture park and we invite sculptors to join us and leave their message. 2005 we started to plant the first 60 olivetrees. Until now we have planted ourselfs, with help of family and friends about 600 different trees to set up a scenario and garden for a sculpture park. Since it was an abandonned area it is important to start with creating together with the surrounding nature a place for enjoying beauty, silence and peace. Sculptors who want to join this project are invited to stay and accompany us in changing the future and the present of our surroundings, in this way of transformation of our environment, of our comunity, of humankind and ourselfs through art.
Isabela Lleo, Natural materials, Installation more...
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