Alice W Bakker


Installation. Kirigami, Tyvek.

In Ireland at the Atlantic shoreline, when the ocean-floor temporary becomes land, eccentric shapes of seaweeds appear on the rocks. Fascinating, huge and mysterious. With a tough leather like structure, now and then half transparent like the skin of strange sea creatures.
How would it be like to wander through these seaweed woods?

This work ‘Seaweed-wood’ started in spring 2020, during the first outbreak of Corona crisis when society came to a hold. The silence and the absence of daily disturbance gave the opportunity to optimum concentration. These peculiar circumstances were of great influence on the final looks of this work.


Dimensions : 350 cm x 152 cm x 40 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 0.4 kg
Year : 2020
Material : Installation, Plastics, Paper, Light
Technique : carved
Style : Light art, monumental, figurative, contemporary, filigree

Alice W Bakker

Beyond the visible

also interesting:

Visions de l' âme
'Visions de l'âme', at the Bijbelsmuseum, A'dam; forged steel and photo-rendering on dibond. The working tittle exibition was called 'the sealed fountain'. This theme lead me to wards my first headstand in Yoga, experiencing the congusion of being up-site-down. The normal references of the body disapear, not knowing anymore which is right, left or front and back. So you have to go deep insite oneself to find a new point of stability. In the theme "gravity' I did explore that. Also on the computer, not influenced by gravity and not touchable by hands.
Alice W Bakker, Metal, Mixed Media
'Sprong'; forged CorTensteel.
Alice W Bakker, Metal, Steel
'Labyrinth', at Schokland; forged steel. 'What do we know about time, if we only count it by the ticking of the clock?' Hidden in the body lies time like a labyrinth.
Alice W Bakker, Metal, Steel
Encentro en Córdoba
'Encuentro en Córdoba', forged steel and hammered silver, detail. During the visit of the Mezquita or Great Mosque, of Córdoba I wondered about the refined style of the Arab architecture. After the Christian reconquest of Andalucía, a cathedral was built in the heart of the mosque in a very contrasting Barocque style. For this sculpture I put together two religiuos architectonic symbols.
Alice W Bakker, Metal, Steel
Berlin (free fall)
Berlin (free fall), kirigami (hand cut paper) and pencil
Alice W Bakker, Paper, Mixed Media
'Gravity sls', polyamide sls 3D-print. Rendering of the 3-D mesh drawing and the final print. The blue ball you can see in the mesh drawing is free floating. As soon as the virtual drawing becomes a physical sculpture, gravity eefects the model and this ball is falling down into the right shoulder.
Alice W Bakker, Plastics
Relief. Hand-cut tyvek.
Alice W Bakker, Plastics, Paper
Wit voetje
Forged CorTensteel and paper
Alice W Bakker, Steel, Metal
Forged CorTensteel. Knowing the future and not beeing believed, that's the fate of Kassandra. How does this express in her body? She has the strenght to talk, but is powerless.
Alice W Bakker, Metal, Steel
Forged CorTensteel and 3-d print. The photo is a rendering of the 3-D drawing.
Alice W Bakker, Steel, Metal
3-D print, titanium (grey)and stainlesssteel (silver). 3_D drawing made after a scull from a young dove.
Alice W Bakker, Metal, Others
Hammered silver and bronze.
Alice W Bakker, Bronze, Metal
Gravity - study
Hammered and forged CorTensteel. Together with Gravity-sls and Visons de l'âme a study in the nature of moving up-site-down. After experiencing the inversions in Yoga practise.
Alice W Bakker, Metal, Steel
Hand-cut paper, in three layers.
Alice W Bakker, Metal, Paper more...
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