Sigita Dackeviciute

An Object with a map, 2023

Apocalyptic scenario I: ALTERNATIVES FOR THE EARTH

The main idea of the artwork is a fantasy on the topic of the possible frightenning scenarios of the Anthropocene. One of such scenarios may be such that our home-planet Earth gets totally polluted. The water in the Oceans is filled with oil and plastics and becomes dangerous to sea-species to live in, the air gets polluted due to overuse of fossil-fuel and the greenhouse effect raises temperatures and causes extreme weather events: tornados, floods, draughts. Unsustainable agriculture pollutes the soil, makes spiecies extinct, poisons drinking water. The planet becomes unfit to live, we have to give it some time to recover, to restore resources. Meanwhile we have to find alternatives of survival during this period, and one possible scenario is to build spaceships to orbit the planet waiting for the possibility to return back with greater understanding and more caring behaviour to Earth which is our home. Thanks to Nature‘s ability to renew itself, to restore its ecosystems we can hope for the brighter future, provided that we change our attitude and do not consider it as a mere resource for our wellbeing.

"An Object with a map“ is a possible model of such a spacecraft. Spacecraft images are also adapted for digital artwork. The worldmap on the spaceship is twisted so that the different continents are connected as a hint of a common effort to survive.


36cm, 64cm, 27cm (Height, Width, Depth)
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