Miroslav Trubač

Through sculptures I am trying to express the narratives that often draw on the memories and situations that seem to me paradoxical, absurd and insoluble.
My memories are rendered in images proven by time. Introspection is an important point in my search for subject matter. The themes are inspired by my memories of childhood and adolescence, by the situations associated with my adulthood based on my experiences shared with people I respect. This is one of the motifs I have incorporated in my sculptural compositions of male figures and activities. My work is subtly interwoven with the motifs of doubts and their clarification, a material expression of the situation, in fact its logical evaluation.
I reflect on the situations that shape my value system in relation to reality. The narratives express my personal experiences, the situations I shared with my family or close friends.
My work, in retrospect, is characterised by a deep interest in relationships. Relationships affect each of us and are a major aspect of social interaction. Every relationship develops our personality and helps us realise our place in society.

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Artworks (7)

Miroslav Trubač

The Red Cheeks

Miroslav Trubač, 2016

The Little Prince

Miroslav Trubač, 2018

Icarus II

Miroslav Trubač, 2018

What´s my age again

Miroslav Trubač, 2018

No Man Land

Miroslav Trubač, 2018


Miroslav Trubač, 2017


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