Stellvertretende Vorsitzende | Veranstaltungen & Koordinatorin Amsterdam NL

Anne Berk

Anne Berk ist die stellvertretende Vorsitzende von Sculpture Network, verantwortlich f├╝r unsere Veranstaltungen und Koordinatorin f├╝r die Niederlande.

"Art is there to reveal man to himselfÔÇÖÔÇÖ┬á(Henk Visch)
I work as a freelance curator, author, and educator, based near Amsterdam. Starting my life as a sculptor, I wondered what to make, here, in this time.
Thus I became an art critic, educator and curator, sharing my passion for art and artists. Since 2005, I am active insculpture network e.V.,
as coordinator NL, organiser of several art trips, and curator of 2 international Forums. This network is a great European community of soulmates, stimulating me to cross borders.

I made shows about social themes, such as Liebes Ding - Object Love, 2020 at Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, DE; Beyond the Body, 2018 at Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad, DK; In Search of Meaning. The Human Figure in Global Perspective, 2005 at Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle, NL; and Bodytalk, 2004, at Museum Beelden aan Zee, The Hague, NL. In 2021 I curated Rettet den Wald for Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen, NL.

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