Studio Pescarella

Via Pescarella 22
55045 Pietrasanta, Vallecchia

sculpture network start'19 in Studio Pescarella, Pietrasanta, Vallecchia:

You are welcome to join us at Studio Pescarella, Sunday January 27th, for a day of art, food, creativity and music.

Our day will start at 12:30 pm. We will have a toast to sculpture and the other venues of Start 19, throughout Europe and the world.  We will have a grill and fire outside in our sculpture plaza where we will be grilling meat, and sharing in the food and drink which each participant will bring.

All our guests will be invited to create a sculpture together. We will furnish different kinds of material, bamboo, string, tape, and other organic burnable materials.  After our creation is finished we will burn it.

During the afternoon Jaime Dolce will play blues and rock and roll, with his electric band, iNNERSOLE.

Everbody is invited to bring something to eat or drink, and some organic burnable materials to add to our contructive collaborative sculpture.

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