Katharine Dowson

Silent Stories

Silent Stories are a series of glass busts, created from the plaster casts used to make the clear shells worn by patients during Radiotherapy.

The Science Museums exhibition, Cancer Revolution; Science, Innovation and Hope was  the world’s first major object-rich exhibition to reveal the past, present and future of how cancer is prevented, detected and treated.  My Installation, Silent Stories, features in the exhibition with an especially commissioned sound scape I created for the show.
The installation is made up of five glass heads, casts from the plaster casts taken of patients during their head and neck cancer treatment.  The Science Museum commissioned me to create the sound scape from the patients oral memories of the treatment and of their life afterwards.  The exhibition highlights the scientists working on the new developing treatments with the emphasis on hope for the future.


Installation, Klangkunst
Gesellschaft, Wissenschaft, Körper
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