Alice W Bakker

Beyond the visible
Movement is the creator, the genesis, the basics of my work. The body in movement as well as the current of water or clouds in the wind. To move yourself, as being moved by watching those movements.

Working with steel is transforming stiff cold material with fire, hammer and anvil into supple bodies.
Cutting paper is like dancing with the edge of a knife.

Born in the Netherlands, works and lives in The Hague
BA History of Art, RU Groningen
Academy of Visual Arts Rotterdam, afd. BB/RI
Free Academie Dance, The Hague
2022 'Tides: Letting in, Sending out’, NDSM/Fuse, Amsterdam
‘International Paperart Biennial’, Kunststichting Perspektief Haacht, België

2021 ‘Beelden Esveld’, Landerij Esveld, groep

2020 'ACHT' , Museum Nagele, Nagele, groep

2018 'Een oase van beelden', NDSM-FUSE Amsterdam, groep

2016 'Der Himmel Ueber Berlin', Haagse Kunstkring Den Haag, project olv Rob Thuis

2014 SMAHK - Stedelijk Museum Assen, Assen, duo
‘Metamorfose’ Heemtuin Verbeeld VII, Leiderdorp, groep, curator; Aris de Bakker

2010 ‘Belichaming’, Amsterdam Historisch Museum, Amsterdam, curator; Jaap Nijstad
‘Puur Water’ Bijbels Museum, Amsterdam, curator; Marieke van Vlierden

2009 ‘Non-crossovers’, Pulchri Studio, Den Haag, curator; Sya van ‘t Vlie

2007 Nationale Staalbouwdag, Ede, congres

'Zeewierwoud - the making of...', eigen beheer 2022

'International Paper Art Biennial', catalogue, Haacht, Belgium 2022

'' ,, 2020

'Universalisme als praktijk', DeFKA, Assen, 2019

'BEELD VOOR BEELD, 90 Haagse 3D kunstenaars', 2014 Stichting HBKK

‘Skin to skin’, video, project with Mimi Soeteman en Ellen Harmsma, 2013

'Eurofeu au pays de Liège', Office Provencal des Metiers d'Art de Liège, Luik 2000

'BERICHT UIT TERRA INCOGNITA, een verslag in beelden, aquarellen en tekeningen 1991-1994', Den Haag 1995
Visions de l' âme
'Visions de l'âme', at the Bijbelsmuseum, A'dam; forged steel and photo-rendering on dibond. The working tittle exibition was called 'the sealed fountain'. This theme lead me to wards my first headstand in Yoga, experiencing the congusion of being up-site-down. The normal references of the body disapear, not knowing anymore which is right, left or front and back. So you have to go deep insite oneself to find a new point of stability. In the theme "gravity' I did explore that. Also on the computer, not influenced by gravity and not touchable by hands.
Alice W Bakker, Mixed Media, Stahl
'Sprong'; forged CorTensteel.
Alice W Bakker, Metall, Stahl
'Labyrinth', at Schokland; forged steel. 'What do we know about time, if we only count it by the ticking of the clock?' Hidden in the body lies time like a labyrinth. In 2014 the video 'Skin to Skin' was made. It is about the meeting of a sculpture with a dancer. Skin to skin’ is a project of Ellen Harmsma (dance), Mimi Soeteman (camera and editing) and Alice Bakker (concept and production) and the sculpture ‘Labyrinth’. Ellen Harmsma, the dancer, improvises while dancing with the sculpture. Her movements are a reaction on the fact that the sculpture is made of steel; frozen in its movement. She is inspired by the moving lines in the sculpture and its expression, in such a way that both steel and human skin are merging together. It is her experience as a sculptor that gives her the ability to reveal hidden qualities of the sculpture. Like dance can reveal music. Mimi Soeteman, camera and editing. Her inspiration for the filming is based on ‘positive shape and negative space’. The chemistry between dancer and sculpture isn’t only captured by their dance, their togetherness or their texture. But also by the space surrounding and in between them. Light and shadow brings tension and beauty. Alice Bakker, concept and production, is the sculptor of ‘Labyrinth’. The pianist is GéNIA ( playing the Adagio from the Piano Sonata by Sofia Gubaidulina.
Alice W Bakker, Metall, Stahl
Encentro en Córdoba
'Encuentro en Córdoba', forged steel and hammered silver, detail. During the visit of the Mezquita or Great Mosque, of Córdoba I wondered about the refined style of the Arab architecture. After the Christian reconquest of Andalucía, a cathedral was built in the heart of the mosque in a very contrasting Barocque style. For this sculpture I put together two religiuos architectonic symbols.
Alice W Bakker, Metall, Stahl
Berlin (free fall)
Berlin (free fall), kirigami (hand cut paper) and pencil
Alice W Bakker, Papier, Mixed Media
'Gravity sls', polyamide sls 3D-print. Rendering of the 3-D mesh drawing and the final print. The blue ball you can see in the mesh drawing is free floating. As soon as the virtual drawing becomes a physical sculpture, gravity eefects the model and this ball is falling down into the right shoulder.
Alice W Bakker, Kunststoff
Installation. Kirigami, Tyvek. In Ireland along the Atlantic coast, when the seabed temporarily becomes land, bizarre shapes of seaweed appear on the jagged rocks. Fascinating, large and mysterious. With a tough leathery texture, sometimes semi-translucent like the skin of strange sea creatures. What would it be like to walk between those forms? This fantasy has been further developed with the help of the internet. Using photos for the shapes and videos for the movements of the seaweed in the water. Kelp forests are a fascinating underwater world. Something to be careful about. The work is a tribute to these seaweed forests, the suppliers of oxygen and also our future food. The story continues when the drawing is used for making a mural in sgraffito. Raquel Rodriguez, a skilled artisan specialized in lime-stucco did sculpt the drawing in the wet lime plaster.
Alice W Bakker, Licht, Papier
Relief. Hand-cut tyvek.
Alice W Bakker, Kunststoff, Papier
Wit voetje
Forged CorTensteel and paper
Alice W Bakker, Stahl, Metall
Forged CorTensteel. Knowing the future and not beeing believed, that's the fate of Kassandra. How does this express in her body? She has the strenght to talk, but is powerless.
Alice W Bakker, Metall, Stahl
Forged CorTensteel and 3-d print. The photo is a rendering of the 3-D drawing.
Alice W Bakker, Stahl, Metall
3-D print, titanium (grey)and stainlesssteel (silver). 3_D drawing made after a scull from a young dove.
Alice W Bakker, Metall, Sonstige
Hammered silver and bronze.
Alice W Bakker, Bronze, Metall
Gravity - study
Hammered and forged CorTensteel. Together with Gravity-sls and Visons de l'âme a study in the nature of moving up-site-down. After experiencing the inversions in Yoga practise.
Alice W Bakker, Metall, Stahl
Hand-cut paper, in three layers.
Alice W Bakker, Metall, Papier

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