Alice W. Bakker


'Labyrinth', at Schokland; forged steel.

'What do we know about time,
if we only count it by
the ticking of the clock?'

Hidden in the body lies time like a labyrinth.

In 2014 the video 'Skin to Skin' was made. It is about the meeting of a sculpture with a dancer.

Skin to skin’ is a project of Ellen Harmsma (dance), Mimi Soeteman (camera and editing) and Alice Bakker (concept and production) and the sculpture ‘Labyrinth’.

Ellen Harmsma, the dancer, improvises while dancing with the sculpture. Her movements are a reaction on the fact that the sculpture is made of steel; frozen in its movement. She is inspired by the moving lines in the sculpture and its expression, in such a way that both steel and human skin are merging together. It is her experience as a sculptor that gives her the ability to reveal hidden qualities of the sculpture. Like dance can reveal music.

Mimi Soeteman, camera and editing. Her inspiration for the filming is based on ‘positive shape and negative space’. The chemistry between dancer and sculpture isn’t only captured by their dance, their togetherness or their texture. But also by the space surrounding and in between them. Light and shadow brings tension and beauty.

Alice Bakker, concept and production, is the sculptor of ‘Labyrinth’.

The pianist is GéNIA ( playing the Adagio from the Piano Sonata by Sofia Gubaidulina.


165cm, 50cm, 95cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Performance, Figurativ
Gesellschaft, Spiritualität, Körper
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