Hans Some

At first impression metal shows itself to be the material of consistency and solidity, but it is also the material resistant to any changes. To create a sculpture from an unhewn block you have to employ a lot of energy and strength. This creative process is the continuous confrontation of the artist with the material.The essence of my work is this dialogue with the material reaching and exceeding its own limits.The experimented resistance – the resistance of the object – is an essential character of the significant experience of personal truth. With this exploration of the resistant opposite you can start a dialogue and experience yourself.

Hans Some *1968 Munich, Germany, had his first appeareance in public in the "Cafe Schuldstruktur" with several installations and readymades. 
Discovering the inexhaustible possibilities of metal design and expression in the studio of the sculptor Stefan Herzog, Munich, on the basis of techniques like casting and forging, which has left its indelible mark all the way throug to his most recent works.
 This motivated him to study from 1994-97 at Arts & Crafts School in Munich, where he passed the final project with distinction.For over sixteen years he is living & working as a sculptor with his family near Alicante, Spain, where he installed his studio in 2000.

Participation in individual & collective exhibitions with work included in several public & private collections in Spain, Germany and the UK.

2016    SECRET GARDEN | exhibition project
2014    EQUALS BUT DIFFERENT | art collective with Barbara Bouillard (F) & Jaume Marzal Canós (E)
2012    SDH Ecole Chantier | formateur de restauration et forge | Sidi El Houari | Oran/Argelia
2011    collective workshop with Gonzalo Nuñez (Argentina)
2009    COSTABLANCA CORRUPTION PROJECT | glitch art with Dandy Tcheglov (Ukraine)
2007    ESPAIOFF – Creación en la montaña | La Vall de Gallinera | Alicante/Spain
2006    shsh ́s · somehandsomehands | art collective with Flavio Diaz Barquero (Mexico)
Solo Exhibitions
2019 "TWO|ME|TWO" – Alicante/Spain
2019 "THE POWER OF RHYTHM"– Art Casa Azul – Aigües/Spain
2019 "PAST IN THE PRESENT"– Art Casa Azul – Aigües/Spain
2018 "INLANDS-OUTSIDE"– Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Parc – Alfaz del Pi/Spain
2018 “PRETTY VACANT” – Galería Asombro – Cocentaina/Spain
2018 “INSPIRED WORKS” – Bahcoart Gallery – Calpe/Spain
2017 “DECADE” – Coema – Málaga/Spain
2017 “BABETT THEILE-OCHEL & HANS SOME” – Crossover ArtGallery – Munich/Germany
2017 “SPHID · PHAGUE · GLIA” – Casa de Cultura – El Campello/Spain
2016 “SECRERT GARDEN” with Perceval Graells – Casa del Cable – Jávea/Spain
2014 “SPHID DEVIANT“ – EAC La Barbera – Villajoyosa/Spain
2013 “WERKSCHAU” – 0+2=1 lab – Alicante/Spain
2013 “0+2=1” with Gonzalo Nuñez – El Portal – Alicante/Spain
2013 “NO SPAIN” with Gonzalo Nuñez – Espacio Fore – San Juan Alicante/Spain
2012 “EXCERPT” – Hotel Huerto del Cura – Elche/Spain
2012 “DIÁLOGOS” – Gallery Sjengarden – Alfaz del Pi/Spain
2011 “LUCID SWAG” – Ateneo – Diputaciòn de Alicante – Alicante/Spain
2010 “SHORTCUTS & SPACES” – bauholz showroom – Alicante/Spain
2010 “EMOTIONAL THROWBACK” – Installation, rhizómate – Alicante/Spain
2008 SABORS – Sculptures – La Vall de Gallinera/Spain
2007 VITALEA – Sculptures – Alicante/Spain
2006 LA MAR DE RICO – s/t – Alicante/Spain
1985 “CAFE SCHULDSTRUKTUR” – Installations & Readymades – Munich/Germany
"Lucid Swag – Hans Some", Diputacion de Alicante, 2011, Alicante/Spain
"Secret Garden - Hans Some & Perceval Graells", Casa del Cable, 2016, Javea/Spain
"sphid|phague|glia", Casa de Cultura de El Campello, 2017, Campello/Spain
"AUCA Nº40", Revista literaria y artística de Alicante, 2017, Alicante/Spain
Group Exhibitions
2021 EL REGRESO DE LAS GÁRGOLAS | open air exhibition | Altea/Spain
2020 SUMMER COLLECTIVE | B.ART | Alicante/Spain
2019/2020 VI BIENAL D'ARTS PLASTIQUES | ArtNostre | L’Alcoià-Comtat/Spain
2019 START'19 | Galería Leucade | Murcia/Spain
2018 NOCTURNAL | PH21 Gallery | Budapest/Hungary
2018  PREFACIO | Galería Leucade | Murcia/Spain
2017  ARTMUC | Praterinsel | Munich/Germany
2017  ARTISTAS EN VITRINA | Calle del Teatro | Alicante/Spain
2017  HOMENAJE A MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ 75 | Lonja de Pescado | Alicante/Spain
2017  KUNSTMEILE RODENKIRCHEN | Rodenkirchen | Köln/Germany
2016  AUS DER FERNE | Galerie Luzia Sassen | Windeck/Germany
2016  FIARTE · Edición VII · DNA of Artists | Granada/Spain
2015  1. ANNIVERSARY | Art9Gallery | Moraira/Spain
2015  27. KUNSTTAGE RHEIN-ERFT | Cologne/Germany
2015  FIARTE · Edición VI | Palacio de la Quinta Alegre | Granada/Spain
2015  EQUALS BUT DIFFERENT | ABBA-Centrum | Alicante/Spain
2015  DISEÑO AL PLATO | La Nau | Valencia/Spain & Milano/Italy
2014  FIARTE · Edición IV | Feria Internacional de Arte | Granada/Spain
2014  26. KUNSTTAGE RHEIN-ERFT | Cologne/Germany
2013  FIARTE · Edición III | Feria Internacional de Arte | Granada/Spain
2011  ROTARY CLUB | Hotel Milenio | Elche/Spain
2011  FIARTE · Edición I | Feria Internacional de Arte | Granada/Spain
2010  FORJA VIVA | Museo Marítimo de Barcelona | Barcelone/Spain
2010  FIARTE · Edición 0 | Feria Internacional de Arte | Granada/Spain
inspired stones
inspired stones, 2017 copper & stone variable
Hans Some, Stein, Bronze
stainless steel, sphid|phague|glia series
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
phague node xtd.
stainless steel, sphid|phague|glia series This work sensualises the two contrarious dualities in one – phague: devourer. Congestion, densification, introspection– but showing just a tendency to expand, too. Volume and its disolution, compactation vs. release and devolatilisation, motion through tension, space through omission, fracture vs. high polished beauty. With infinite options of sights & positions. So what is its condition? Where is the turning point, when inside turns outwards? Like inverting a sleeve...what will be left in the final stage? And my interest doesn't stop with completing the object, the completed work comes to existence again with its interelation with the environment
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
inlands #1
inlands #1 2017 steel & stainless steel
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
glia 1
glia 1, copper,bronze
Hans Some, Bronze, Metall
David revisited
wrought steel daimones|gestalten series
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
intervención en un parque con árboles centerarios. Por la gran extensión de los pinos es difícil de percibir la escala.
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
emotional throwback
installation, collaboration rhizomate! & NoSoloLuz
Hans Some, Metall, Kunststoff
sphid cubic tension
sphid cubic tension sphid series
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
phague node deviant
Hans Some, Metall, Bronze
Manhattan 2011
golden coast series, steel & gold leaf
Hans Some, Metall, Bronze
bronze, stainless steel & steel 2017
Hans Some, Bronze, Metall
GOLDEN COAST SERIES Stainless steel & steel, gold leaf 24K
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
inlands-dis #3
Werkguppe INLANDS, drawing in space #3, steel, corten, stainless steel
Hans Some, Metall, Installation
inlands-DIS #1&2
Werkgruppe inlands, -drawing in space- Edelstahl, Einbrennlackierung rot verzinkter Stahl, Einbrennlackierung blau
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
inlands #4
inlands #4, copper, brass, stainless steel,
Hans Some, Bronze, Metall
sphid modular shell
sphid series, stainless steel, steel,
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl
dogs like us
"dogs like us" adored/tributes - will denominate a new series, revisiting some masterpieces that have come along and left traces over the years...Trying to explore its essence, getting them into a actual or personal context for me & my environment as sensible constructs. So - with my recent "dogs like us" just now in 2020 - there is the ever-present Alberto Giacometti, as well as his brother Diego. "Le chien", 1951, used as a template to depict the straydog he encountered late night as a metaphor for the modern family-construct: the adored doggy as pseudo substitute child. Followed by earlier works just like Anton Böcklins "Toteninsel", my hommages to "Benidorm" & "Manhattan 2011" ...and one day in future my contribution to Deborah Butterfield, Lynn Chadwick, and so forth...
Hans Some, Bronze, Metall
Ave del Paraíso
corten steel sculptures,
Hans Some, Metall, Stahl

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