Fieke de Roij

An unending fascination with sculpture and stone
The material stone continues to inspire and challenge me, now for more than 25 years. The ever-new quest for sculptures that want to fascinate, not impress.

With my company "Werk in Steen" I have created a place to convey my love for the profession and to offer people the opportunity to discover stone sculpturing for themselves. To achieve this, I organize a varied range of sculpting courses, among other things.

Abstraction by removing everything that is not essential

My sculptures are clear and abstract. They are created intuitively, by combining shapes and materials. While working I search for simplicity, tension and balance. The traces of the manufacturing process remain visible, sometimes in the structure of the chisel stroke, but also in fractured surfaces or the finish of the surface. This gives the sculptures a personal signature.
I tries to evoke an atmosphere or association and give room for individual interpretation.

The form language I use is universally recognizable, and appreciated worldwide. You can find my sculptures in private collections in many countries.

After years of working with all kind of materials, in 1994 I discovered stone sculpting. From that moment my choice was made.

With the start of my company ‘Werk in Steen’ in 2005, I wanted to further professionalize my working as a sculptor and create a place to convey my love for the profession.

Since 2007 I organize classes stone sculpting in my studio in Utrecht city. And also summer courses on locations in The Netherlands and France.

For me a logical continuation of my study textile and handicrafts at the teacher training college in Utrecht (1982-1988) and years later 3-dimensional work at the ‘Vrije Academie’, workplace for visual arts in The Hague (1995-2000).

In 2019 I celebrated my 25th anniversary as a sculptor and the many years of teaching. I hope to be able to do that for a long time to come.
Info on my website
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The design for this sculpture arose from the theme of "power play / resilience". The large, middle stone (estimated weight between 100 and 120 kilos), hangs between the two other stones, floating above the ground. The copper lashing strap keeps the two stones together, so that they can bear the weight. Each part fulfills an essential function and is indispensable for the whole. The sculpture is made of Irish bluestone. Partly carved in structure, partly sanded, and the dark part polished.
Fieke de Roij, Stein, Metall
Ode to Morandi
Abstraction from reality! Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) was an Italian painter and etcher. He specialized in still lifes that radiate great tranquility. From the moment I got to know his paintings, I am a fan. Morandi opts for simple subjects and leaves out the unnecessary. The painted objects are hardly recognizable, everything is a bit crooked and messy. The order is important, the arrangement of forms and colours, the space between them. You can see these elements in my sculpture. It's made of four different kind of stones, with natural colours: travertine, bluestone, marble and alabaster. You can arrange your own still life, as most fit for the situation.
Fieke de Roij, Stein, Marmor
La Dame
I regularly make sculptures inspired on a small movement, rotation or bend (see also my sculptures "Fier" and "Whispering"). While working, such a sculpture remains formless for quite a long time. It only comes to life when there is good tension on the surfaces. Nice to work towards that. And although this sculpture is quite large, everything is carved by hand. It is made Irish bluestone. Suitable for outdoor use. I made a large part of this sculpture in France. Because of its elegant, stately appearance I have called it "La Dame".
Fieke de Roij, Stein, Stein
Company of Stones
Company of stones
Fieke de Roij, Stein, Stein
A stack of bluestone tiles inspired me to make this sculpture. I used the rhythm of the stacking, the repetition. By not making everything completely straight, it becomes more lively. The parts that have been cut away are visible in the chisel stroke. The tapered inner shape fits together so well that it seems as if this sculpture is made from one block. This sculpture is very suitable for outdoor use. The base is made of metal, which rusts. Torenhoog
Fieke de Roij, Stein, Metall
State of Mind
State of Mind
Fieke de Roij, Stein, Bronze
Moluccan Canoe
For the Utrecht city project 'Street wise', I was asked to create a work of art based on the street name Molukkenstraat. It is a facade stone that hangs on the wall of my home / studio, close to the street sign. This sculpture is part of the GPS tour through the Lombok district in Utrecht. Made by Peter Dubois in collaboration with Kosmopolis Utrecht. Watch the video below and hear the story behind the image. Video GPStour Lombok from Peter dubois on Vimeo
Fieke de Roij, Stein, Stein
No title
Scupture for facade house Utrecht
Fieke de Roij, Stein, Marmor

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