Fieke de Roij

An unending fascination with sculpture and stone

The material stone continues to inspire and challenge me, now for more than 25 years. The ever-new quest for sculptures that want to fascinate, not impress.

With my company "Werk in Steen" I have created a place to convey my love for the profession and to offer people the opportunity to discover stone sculpturing for themselves. To achieve this, I organize a varied range of sculpting courses, among other things.

Abstraction by removing everything that is not essential

My sculptures are clear and abstract. They are created intuitively, by combining shapes and materials. While working I search for simplicity, tension and balance. The traces of the manufacturing process remain visible, sometimes in the structure of the chisel stroke, but also in fractured surfaces or the finish of the surface. This gives the sculptures a personal signature.
I tries to evoke an atmosphere or association and give room for individual interpretation.

The form language I use is universally recognizable, and appreciated worldwide. You can find my sculptures in private collections in many countries.

Kunstwerke (12)

Fieke de Roij, 2012


Fieke de Roij, 2021

Two Unity

Fieke de Roij, 2015

State of Mind

Fieke de Roij, 2017

Conversation with a Stone

Fieke de Roij, 2011


Fieke de Roij, 2013

Company of Stones

Fieke de Roij, 2017

Stepping Stones

Fieke de Roij, 2016

Ode to Morandi

Fieke de Roij, 2016

La Dame

Fieke de Roij, 2018

Company of Stones II

Fieke de Roij, 2009

Moluccan Canoe

Fieke de Roij, 2012

No title

Events (1)

Exhibition Mitgliedsveranstaltung

Sculpture Outside: 30/40 Sculptures and installations

Escharen, Niederlande

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