Oktober 2022
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20 Oktober 2022 00:00 - 23 Januar 2023 00:00

“Evidence” is an audio and visual montage that traverses the work of Arthur Rimbaud, Antonin Artaud and René Daumal in their journeys to new horizons.

“Evidence” is a poetic, immersive journey, an ode to a world without borders, a contemporary reflection on the infinite and universal, a spiritual quest for unity as a living and life-giving presence.

The physical, sound and visual voyages of Soundwalk Collective enter into infinite dialogue with the poetic trajectories of American musician and poet Patti Smith, creating a new vision and language through this exploration. Between audio, films, abstract images, objects and creations collected throughout their travels, this exhibition guides the public through a vast exploratory installation that juxtaposes photos, texts and original works by Patti Smith.

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Picture: © Stephan Crasneanscki

Centre Pompidou

75004 Paris

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