Oktober 2022
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III Biennale of Sculpture

15 Oktober 2022 00:00 - 15 Dezember 2022 00:00

The Biennale of Sculpture “Valldoreix dels Somnis”(Valldoreix of dreams), is a project started in 2016 launched and developed by Amicart Valldoreix, a local non-profit association. The III Biennale, in the 2022 summons, is organized jointly by Amicart Valldoreix and the EMD of Valldoreix, (local City Council).

The purpose is to set up a sculpture site, a meeting point with the art world, and for a while, convert this village, surrounded by forests and gardens, into a place where artistic contemplation and reflection are also welcomed.

Thus, “Valldoreix dels Somnnis”, will allow for two months, both, our fellow citizens and visitors, to enjoy sculptural art by walking through its emblematic spaces. Amicart and the EMD, are currently working on a project of a sculptural tour, made up of the winning works of the current and previous awards. 

More info: HERE

Picture: Juan Montes “Tótem.22”

III Biennale of Sculpture

Valldoreix, Barcelona

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