It's about words & music

15 Januar 2022 00:00 - 05 März 2022 00:00

It's about words & music Sculpture-Exhibition of Hans Some in Dénia's cultural space La ñ

Iron, steel and bronze are the materials from which the internationally renowned sculpture artist Hans Some creates his works.

Thanks to a profound knowledge of the material, sculptures of high artistic value are created in an elaborate working process whose aesthetics are apparent to those who look at them in detail.

They captivate through the juxtaposition of different structures, the impossible seems to become possible. The sculptures seem to move, individual elements seem to defy gravity or play with it.
The German artist Hans Some, who lives in Alicante, is internationally known for his idiosyncratic metal works. He has been awarded several prizes for his works, only in 2021 in Altea with the first prize in the city project “El regreso de las Gárgolas“.

For this exhibition, the entire space of the salon was available to the artist. Events are therefore temporarily taking place in the small salon.
An additional treat for the Exhibition Opening: Daniela Gerlach was able to win Dénias cook Miquel Ruiz (
El baret de Miquel) as caterer.

Opening Exhibition: Saturday, 15th of January, 12 a.m. - 10 p.m.

It's about words & music
Salón cultural La ñ
Calle Cavallers 7
03700 Dénia

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