November 2021
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Prix de Rome 2021

13 November 2021 00:00 - 20 März 2022 00:00

The jury made its selection from a list of 217 artists who applied for the award. The four finalists reflect on current themes, offer critical reinterpretations of past events, link untold histories to our present world or concentrate on a distant future. Each of them represents a sign of the times in their respective way. The exhibition presents new work by Mercedes Azpilicueta, Alexis Blake, Silvia Martes, and Coralie Vogelaar.

The four selected artists have a strong practice and are working towards an established oeuvre, reinforcing their own signature style and idiosyncratic approach. At the same time, they allow new developments and intuitive processes in their work. 

Mercedes Azpilicueta has a particular interest in notions of the vulnerable or collective body, decolonial feminism and dissident voices. She brings together various characters from the past and the present, who manifest as voices, shapes, texts, traces and memories into multi-layered works.

Alexis Blake has a multidisciplinary practice that brings together visual art and performance through the use of choreography, sound, video, sculpture and printed matter. She investigates the way the body is represented in art history and beyond, which she then critically examines, disrupts and re-negotiates.

Silvia Martes produces experimental films, that appeal to the science fiction genre. Most of the times, the narratives of her short films find their origin in an autobiographical experience or are inspired by collective human behavior and yet show an intentional detachment and distraction from the real world.

Coralie Vogelaar is an interdisciplinary artist who combines scientific disciplines such as behavioral studies and data analysis with artistic imagination. Fascinated by algorithms, she explores the tense relationship between human and machine. By collaborating with experts from various disciplines, her (video) installations and performances incorporate the application of machine logic to human bodies, and vice versa.

More info: https://www.stedelijk.nl/en/exhibitions/prix-de-rome-2021-2#content

Prix de Rome 2021
Stedelijk Museum


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