Oktober 2021
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Julia Bondesson – Cradle my bones

23 Oktober 2021 00:00 - 30 Januar 2022 00:00

This exhibition presents several aspects of Julia Bondesson’s artistry: wood sculptures, videos and paintings, and will be activated regularly by performances. Bodies and body parts, charged with both beauty and melancholy, are recurrent features in Bondesson’s works.

Julia Bondesson combines aesthetics with psychology in her works. Gently, they take possession of the room, like entities seemingly at rest. Bondesson explores the symbiosis between body and soul.

Her inspirations include Chinese philosophy and embodied cognition, where development is furthered through active cooperation between the senses and the physical body. With intuitive, performative works, the artist takes an animistic approach, blurring the boundary between object and subject.

Bondesson refers to the performative action and her collaboration with the sculptures as a dance that gives rise to an intimate and emotional relationship between them. The sculptures become ambivalent characters – both objects and living beings – vessels travelling between the static and active states.

More info: www.modernamuseet.se/malmo/en/exhibitions/julia-bondesson-cradle-my-bones/

Picture: Julia Bondesson, Keep You in the Back of My Mind, 2015, Photo: Alexander Wireen

Julia Bondesson – Cradle my bones
Moderna Museet
Ola Billgrens plats 2–4
SE-211 29 Malmö

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