Voorhout Monumentaal 2021

21 May 2021 00:00 - 14 September 2021 00:00

The middle path of the Lange Voorhout shimmers. The artists of the Pulchri Studio Association have been busy, resulting in a sculpture exhibition, the first for several years. The last such exhibition was in 2016. With this exhibition Pulchri Studio hopes to revive the earlier tradition of The Hague Sculpture.

The artists come from all walks of life and some are well represented in museum collections. It is very special to see them together in all their diversity. After all kinds of lockdowns, there is, according to curator André van Lier, a growing need for freedom and diversity. That is why the works of art are selected in such a way that an appealing and varied exhibition is created in terms of subjects, dimensions, materials and appearance. An exhibition that draws its strength from the diversity and creativity of the participating artists and actually celebrates the (approaching) end of the pandemic.

The exhibition also extends into Pulchri Studio's monumental building. Smaller works are placed on the steps, in the hall and in the inner garden. And there are several solo and group exhibitions with renowned sculptors.

Participating artists in the exhibition at Lange Voorhout are: Aris de Bakker, Loek Bos, Marijke Gémessy, Marco Goldenbeld, Eppe de Haan, Douwe Halbertsma, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Joncquil, Roland de Jong Orlando, Kim Kroes, André van Lier, Marus van der Made, Louis Niënhuis, Yke Prins, Rinus Roelofs, Gemma Vermeulen, Anton Vrede, Piet Warffemius, Eelke van Willegen & Alexander Zaklynsky.

Participating artists in the inner garden of Pulchri Studio are: Gabriela Acha, Loek Bos, Babette Degraeve, Marijke Gémessy, Eppe de Haan, Jozef van der Horst, Bander van Ierland Ruben Koerhuis, André van Lier, Martie van der Loo, Cesar van der Molen, Annemarie Petri, Yke Prins, Ingrid Rollema, Henk Rusman, Guido Sprenkels, Helen Vergouwen, Anton Vrede, Joncquil, Piet Warffemius and Yumiko Yoneda.

More info: www.pulchri.nl/nl/tentoonstellingen/voorhout-monumentaal-2021/ (in Dutch)

Voorhout Monumentaal 2021
Tuin, Lange Voorhout

Den Haag

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