Shifting Proximities

29 August 2020 00:00 - 31 Dezember 2021 00:00

Shifting Proximities explores human experience and interaction in the face of social and technological change.

Shifting Proximities is curated by Bogomir Doringer and Jesse Damiani. Visitors are invited to engage and interact physically, emotionally and intellectually with the art — from experiencing the formation of a black hole, to learning how plants communicate with each other, and subjecting themselves to the flaws of facial recognition algorithms. 

The eight immersive, multi-sensory installations have been created in collaboration with artists, designers, technologists, scientists and musicians.

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Picture: Distortions in Spacetime by Marshmallow Laser Feast, © Peter Tijhuis 

Shifting Proximities
Nxt Museum
Asterweg 22
1031 HP Amsterdam

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