Shahryar Nashat: Start Begging

29 August 2019 00:00 - 29 Dezember 2019 00:00

This autumn SMK, the national gallery of Denmark, presents Swiss artist Shahryar Nashat in the x-room. Nashat has produced a gruop of sculptures and video works especially for the museum.

A subtle, pink filter on the windows of the x-room sets the tone of the exhibition Start Begging on several levels: literally, as it floods the room in flesh-coloured light, and metaphorically, hinting at a general preoccupation with the body and all its connotations – such as flesh, tissue, membranes, motor functions and desire. The exhibition title, Start Begging, frames these many double positions and oppositions as well as the power plays they involve: between object and image, between camera and body, between different materialities – and possibly even between work and viewer.


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Bild: Shahryar Nashat, Start Begging in the x-room at SMK. Installation view, 2019, Foto: Anders Sune Berg

Shahryar Nashat: Start Begging
SMK, National Gallery of Denmark


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