Februar 2019
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EPILOOG / silent moments

24 Februar 2019 00:00 - 14 April 2019 00:00

An exhibition with visual work in the form of installation-art, movie, graphics and collages by Aurelia van der Burght and Henny Schakenraad

Aurelia shows new and existing work during this exhibition. New work in the form of an installation that she has developed in recent weeks. Previous work in the form of a film made by Anne-Marie van den Thillart of the installation of Aurelia in the Gruyter factories, Den Bosch with the title 'a sad history or is it futurism'. An art project at the time in collaboration with Hans d'Achard and Krijn Hendriksen. In addition, Aurelia lets a swarm of ceramic bowls cross the gallery.
The visual work of Aurelia - in the form of images, installations, performances, painting - is characterized by a social involvement. 'Furthermore, I am inspired by the space where I am working. I analyze such a space, looking at history, use or current issues. Last few years I am trying to create an ambiance with my art-work. In doing so, I allow myself to be guided in the work process by my own experiences, emotions and interpretations. 'That this way of working leads to different forms or solutions every time, is comparable to the way in which life shows itself to me. Every time I deal with new facets of life, where the solutions are not unambiguous. I do not work in one material, but I choose materials that express what I want.

In the work of Schakenraad the bowl is a form that keeps returning. The bowl as a 'sign' for centuries of tradition and as a symbol for one of man's first necessities of life, as a metaphor for security and vulnerability and often applied in ceremonial rituals. The apparent contradictions of the bowl can be found in the form (bulb / hollow), which gives it a powerful universal appearance, worldly and at the same time everyday. In her work she focuses on the dynamic and fragility, the robust and earthy and gives the bowl an almost iconic place of honor.
The work of Henny Schakenraad has a strong graphic character. The graphic techniques that she applies in her work are always subordinate to the idea. She uses these techniques unconventionally and conceptually. The fascination and the themes in her work usually arise from the language, the paradox and / or the reversal.

EPILOOG / silent moments
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