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ELIAS CRESPIN / Chronomorphosis

Elias Crespin's mobile sculptures move slowly and gracefully in complex, precise formations, seemingly floating freely in the air.

Circles, squares, lines, triangles in metal or acrylic plastic, suspended by barely perceptible nylon threads, form geometric choreographies based on mathematical algorithms. Through constant movement, seemingly endless variations arise. The shapes expand and fragment and then slide together into coherent figures; Chaos is replaced by order, complexity by simplicity. The low-key and hypnotically suggestive works invite reflections on form, space, movement and time.

Crespin received a lot of attention for his work Grand HexaNet, which was shown in the 2018 exhibition Artists & Robots at the Grand Palais in Paris. As a result, he was invited to create a permanent work for the Louvre in connection with the 30th anniversary of the museum's pyramid-shaped main entrance. With the work L'Onde du Midi, he is today one of two living artists represented at the Louvre.

Bildmuseet is now presenting Elias Crespin's work for the first time in the Nordic region. The exhibition is produced by Bildmuseet.

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