Mitgliedsveranstaltung von
Antri Koumidou

Buurtweg 90
2244 AG Wassenaar

Giuseppe Penone

For Giuseppe Penone, nature is – and trees in particular are – both subject and material. In his sculptures, installations and drawings he incorporates tree trunks, leaves, marble and leather. In his poetic oeuvre he reveals our intimate connection with nature and makes us aware of its creative and transformative cycle and forces.

The exhibition includes both early and recent work, offers surprises and stimulates all the senses.

More info: HERE

Picture: Left: Giuseppe Penone, Propagazione (Propagation), 1999. Photo: Dorothee Fisher / Right: Giuseppe Penone, Rovesciare i propri occhi (To Reverse One’s Eyes), 1970. © Archivio Penone, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2022


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