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How to Dance with Butterflies

The versatile artist has been working for years with a return to the basic form of photography and in her latest work she lifts it to a new colourful level with the technique of risography. Risography was developed in post-war Japan in 1946 and offers a more colour-intensive way of creating images.

Using the medium, Spiegeler transforms familiar places and spaces into unique entities. Her works are situated at the intersection of spatial and temporal qualities captured on the surface of the print, allowing for multiple layers that extend from the surface of the paper into time.

Spiegeler's work has previously been shown in international exhibitions in Germany, China, Italy, Hungary, France, Turkey and Switzerland. She participated in the Venice Biennale in 2017. Moreover, a large number of her works belong to international public and private collections. Brigitte Spiegeler lives and works in the Netherlands and in artist residencies all over the world.

More info: HERE

Picture: Brigitte Spiegeler, Muqarnas Variations (The Flower Island), 2022, Risography, 40h x30w cm


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