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LAND ART “The Eem Monastery Amersfoort”

Exhibition: 'Stille Omgang', April 23, 2022- October 2, 2022

In the middle of the hustle and bustle, there is the silence of the Eemklooster.
We imagine a kind of quiet intercourse where the works of art reflect on the monastic life of silence and contemplation in the face of the bustle of ordinary life. In the middle of the hustle and bustle, there is the silence of the Eemklooster.
The monastery complex was designed by the architects in the traditionalist style. Traditionalism is characterized in that the building is determined by its destination; each type of destination produces characteristic shapes. The design of the architectural style is sober and preserved. Craftsmanship can be seen in the detailing and the use of materials, including wood, brick, natural stone and roof tiles. It is a kind of “Gesamtkunstwerk”; an integration with the existing art, such as sculptures, murals and glass and lead. A wonderful place for a land art exhibition.

Hedy Hempe, Chiel Kuijl, Carola Mokveld, Hester Pilz and Elsbeth Pilz, Johan Sietzema, Jos Smink, Yolanda van Dongen and Jacobien Boonstra, Peggy Eras, Jan Everwijn, Peter Huibers and Thea van Vliet.

The artists react to the special place with their work! The monastery has existed for 90 years and is no longer a monastery, but a gathering place for companies, studios and nurseries.
Yet the atmosphere in the park around it is still that of tranquility and suitable for contemplation.
Placing art in unexpected places emphasizes the uniqueness of the location. With this exhibition we show that this unique location is a place to enjoy art and culture together. In this way we show the power of land art and the artists.

The exhibition is intended to introduce people to land art in a special location. Through art we try to get people moving to discover beautiful unknown places in the Netherlands.
The project leaders want to share the unique location and the art with the public.
With this exhibition they want to contribute to giving land art and the artists more name recognition. And in this troubled time a moment of contemplation for the public.

Land art ‘Stille Omgang’ - 23 april 2022- 30 oktober 2022
Het Eemklooster, Daam Fockemalaan 22, 3818 KG Amersfoort -

About my installation:

Nature is sacred to me, a sacred place for rest, contemplation and
inspiration, it is also a condition for being able to live.
I made my installation 'Chapel' from natural materials
(wax, feathers, flowers, branches, leaf skeletons and cheesecloth) and is therefore
an ode to nature.
The flowers that I have processed mainly come from funeral bouquets.
By hanging these Gothic windows and the rose window,
a space reminiscent of a chapel.
The location of my chapel is deliberately close to the small cemetery
chosen with a focus on commemoration.
Thea van Vliet
born date 28-11-1956



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