Mitgliedsveranstaltung von
Antri Koumidou

Artipelagstigen 1
134 40 Gustavsberg


The exhibition, curated by Walter Smerling, focuses on the development of Kiefer’s oeuvre encompassing paintings, sculptures, and installations. Intimately linked to German history, his works touch upon the nation’s identity from the Romantic era to WWII, when it was in post-war ruins.

Kiefer’s artistry alludes to philosophy, literature, religion, and scientific theories that coalesce into a complex contemporary world view.

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Picture: Anselm Kiefer, Opus Magnum – Mohn und Gedächtnis, 2014. Glass, metal, wood, chalk, coal, resin and shellac, 240x144x90 cm. Courtesy Grothe collection. Photo © Kiefer-Sammlung Grothe im Franz Marc Museum Franz Marc Museum, Kochel am See


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