Michele Giacobino


A giant dragonfly in Lapland

My research lately moves in the direction of creating something that refers to the natural world, made not only with natural materials, but also with materials produced and used by man and recycled. Therefore, thanks to this mixture and contamination, the accent fall on an ethical and aesthetic approach focused on reasoning about the relationship between man and context, and on stimulating new visions of possible futures.
By virtue of these premises, I have recently thought of dragonflies, as expressions of the "genius loci" suspended between water and air, between meadow and forest, as they are rich in symbolism, legend and ecological meanings. I thought to create something that refers to giant dragonflies, as their ancestors could have been in distant geological eras, long before the arrival of man. A small flock of these giant dragonflies has decided to fly north and lean against the wooden wall of one of your houses.

Credits: video was made by Martin Kral, great artist, fine Czech sculptor, person I am proud to call a friend

Special thanks to: Jussi Eiramo, founder & owner of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Hanna Kress, curator, and all the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort staff.


400cm, 400cm, 70cm (H├Âhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Holz, Textil, Kunststoff
Installation, Public Art, Design, Eko Art, Geometrisch, Fantasie
Handwerk, Natur, ├ľkologie
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