Isabela Lleo


Probably this continious changes elevate our level of stress to unachievable levels. When coming to a certain age people don't want to change, but the challenge of the algorithms we are submitted to are confusing us. It's terrying and emotioning at the same time. We cease to be individuals and we start to be manipuklated by the Clouds, by that what we are inserating in the clouds, by our lack of permanency. Therefor working with marble leaves an idea of our civilization. On the same time the artist is exploring the concept of EMPTINESS. Emptiness caused by the globalization, by the horror of looking at the problems of our days and the lack of understanding how we can contribute to a better world. Working in the CLOUDS is steadiness, permanency. courage towards the challenge of our time, the sadness of our wellfare also.


140cm, 120cm, 40cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Marmor, Stein
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