Gerhard Petzl

Golden swan in nest

A bronze sculpture stands in the center of attention in the middle, representing a fusion between woman body and swan head. The material mix of wood, strings, plaster etc. are also thought after, as a wooden nest is not only fragile, in our case also transparent and exposed but also temporarily. As comments about women generally are often made that they just choose a certain type of man (mostly wealth ones) in order for the chance of getting "into a golden nest" but the complexity within the environment of women is way more complex.
The moment they are in a relationship with a man there are strings attached, seen on the black strings all around the installation and fixed with the nest and the wooden parts. The dark rock-alike foundation, holding the bronze sculpture stands for the rise as a phoenix from the ashes and her role in society. Women are mostly holding not only the social network and/or family together they are also often either well connected or totally isolated in their own bubble or the spikey nest, called home.


80cm, 60cm, 42cm (H├Âhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Naturstoffe, Mixed Media, Bronze, Holz
Installation, Fantasie, Abstrakt
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