Vasile Stefanoiu

The allegory of power

Power is as fleeting as life, this is the message of my sculpture. Whoever climbs the steep steps of the power tower to reach the top and settles in the seat of power, cheers with the sweet taste of victory and becomes a lone wolf.
The processes of personalization of power have deep roots and political, psychological and cultural motives that impose the cult of personality, as it was in Romania, my country, during Ceausescu's time.
It has the feeling that it is taking root but they do not find the juice necessary for durability and the leader's chair is in a precarious position, ready to collapse at any time.
According to Maslow, “power based on forcing, coercion and fear has a limit, it forces man to be obedient, but it immobilizes him, removes him, alienates him from the interests and goals that should be achieved, makes him think of revenge, decreases productivity, job satisfaction.”
These consequences dig deep into the root of power that inevitably collapses.


125cm, 33cm, 50cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Video, Holz
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