Gerhard Petzl

Journey to inner self

Thesis Project for the "Master’s School of Art and Design" - section sculpturing

A bronze statue is standing on the floor. 85 kilograms of chocolate are applied to the sculpture and formed into the shape of a bodybuilder. When the chocolate sculpture is finished, the chocolate is melted away, revealing the bronze statue. The chocolate, therefore, serves as a human shell that disconnects from its inner self through time and eventually falls away.
My final presentation was presented with two projectors facing into opposite directions. On one was the build-up shown, on the other was the melting process, accompanied with interviews from people all over the world, talking in their own language about the topic "Globalisation" and what it means for them. The speech by the artist was provided in Spanish, English, and German, in order to emphasize and do justice to the multicultural togetherness of our time.


85cm, 18cm, 17cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Sonstige, Mixed Media, Metall, Video, Bronze
Performance, Installation, Klangkunst, Figurativ
Performance, Installation, Klangkunst, Figurativ
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