Tamara Jacquin

I just came to see the garden

And he thought, I just came to see the garden.
But it had already been eaten by dragons.

The installation builds a suspended space where the dialogue between its elements, light, plant, photography and text, generate a soft atmosphere that talks about the link between humans and nature or what is left of it.

The work is a dialogue between image and poetry that reveals the conflict between human beings and nature. This assembly of portraits and poetic fragments questions the integration of the being with its surroundings, with the earth, with the stone, with the wind, with the animals, with the plants. The structure builds a temple, a place of refuge and protection for man and his fears. The work is a wink to the first architectures, spaces protecting man from the inclemency of the environment but maintaining the connection with the natural world. The central light bathes the silk strips revealing compositions of photography and poetry that build visual stories that play between the threshold of the real and the dreamlike. The plant rotates slowly under the light. The portraits contemplate the garden from which, one day, we come.

Fragments of poems by Alejandra Pizarnik, Carmen Camacho and self-authorship were used for this work.


230cm, 180cm, 180cm (Höhe, Breite, Tiefe)
Textil, Metall, Holz
Körper, Natur
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