Tamara Jacquin

My artistic research focuses on the body, landscape and cultural traditions. In part of my projects I speak from the body. Of what happens inside and also of what happens outside. I understand the body as perception, memory, movement and presence. It is the space where things happen and a place of resistance. Inspired by my biography I create performative images that explore notions of identity, belonging and normative social influences. These images seek to intimately engage with the audience.
Another part of my projects studies how the body builds the landscape from memory. I use the remembered landscape to (re)connect with Nature. The memory does not only come from my memory but from past generations that inhabit me. In the same way I think that the viewer completes the work with his or her own memories. By creating places where the public is confronted with the landscape I seek to evoke the memory of sublime experiences such as feeling the wind, the trees, the leaves, the meadow, the mountains, the water or the stone.
In my latest projects I examine cultural traces of the past infiltrated into our contemporary society and how these have been resignified over time and history.
Generally in my production I adopt different languages to build a subtle and poetic approach that is reflected in materiality. I explore the language of sculpture and installation through photography, textiles, video, performance and poetry. I subvert disciplines by decontextualizing traditional supports in order to apply them to the construction of objects and structures, re-evaluating the bidemensionality of some media.
In my work I am not interested in showing a hyper-reality that can be understood from the rational, instead I am interested in inciting dreams that evoke realities.

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Kunstwerke (9)

Tamara Jacquin, 2018

Precarious Shelter

Tamara Jacquin, 2015

Body Architecture IV

Tamara Jacquin, 2014

Body Architecture I

Tamara Jacquin, 2019

Once upon a time... I

Tamara Jacquin, 2019

I just came to see the garden

Tamara Jacquin, 2019

Once upon a timeÔÇŽ II

Tamara Jacquin, 2019

Dreaming the woods III

Tamara Jacquin, 2019

Dreaming the woods I

Tamara Jacquin, 2019

Dreaming the woods II

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