Bernhard Wieser


The cause and virtue of the beginning creates a notion, a sensation of sorts, an idea and the desire to act on it to do something with it.
The heart of the matter is one of the most important aspects approaching new works. Once understood this fact, shape and size will sculpt itself to one total piece.
Some of my work is on a model scale, while others out of doors are rather big and monumental sculptures, made out of metal, stone or concrete.
I’m trained as a structural-engineer and worked together with architects and a number of sculptors from different countries. Some of those commission works went to Japan, China, USA and Europe.


A sculptor working in various materials (wood, stone, steel, clay, plaster…)
He is able to work on its own initiative and as a part of a team. Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and finishing of projects. First class analytical and problem solving skills. I worked together with numerous sculptors and architects. Some of those commission works went to USA, Japan, UK and Europe.

Kunstwerke (9)

Bernhard Wieser, 2005


Bernhard Wieser, 2008


Bernhard Wieser, 2012

Marble foot III

Bernhard Wieser, 1996


Bernhard Wieser, 2009


Bernhard Wieser, 2008


Bernhard Wieser, 2010

New order II

Bernhard Wieser


Bernhard Wieser, 2000

TV 2000

Events (5)

Exhibition Mitgliedsveranstaltung

Bernhard Wieser

Salzburg, Ă–sterreich

Exhibition Mitgliedsveranstaltung

Art-award 2020

Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna, Österreich

Exhibition Mitgliedsveranstaltung

Biennale Art Expo

Venice, Italien

Exhibition Mitgliedsveranstaltung

Kunstobjekte im Erdgeschoss Schloss Schönbrunn / Wien

Wien, Ă–sterreich

Exhibition Mitgliedsveranstaltung

Bernhard Wieser

ZĂĽrich, Schweiz

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