Marie-Lou Muskens


I fell in love with stones, especially white stones....
Creation is like a meditation.
I connect myself directly to the pure life essence, take away as much as necessary to
translate in a most minimalistic shape, the spirit of the marvelous life force which the white marble accumulated during its 50 million years of its formation.....
Creation, an integral sensual experience!
When I create the moment becomes an integral sensual experience where I feel, touch, participate and communicate with the Universe. My feet firmly planted on the ground I let my hands translate the overwhelming flow of emotions that I feel when confronted to the incredible force of nature and life. My hands work on their own to captivate the moment in a fluid form allowing the fleeting moment to become eternal.
My journey began with the pleasure of immersing my hands in creamy oil painting and letting the shimmering colors find their place on the rough linen canvases. Then came the sensuousness of molding clay and letting it give birth to “animated bodies” expressing the force of life through the perfection of the human body. These bodies then received a new aura when the foundry released them in different shades of bronze and I felt joy and pleasure immersing my fingers in clay, wax, silicone and plaster to prepare the molding casts.
Finally, I discovered the magic of working with stone – each bloc contains such immense vital energy accumulated over the years of its geological formation. I feel almost disrespectful the first time I begin to chisel away at this bloc of pure strength. I fall in love with these stones. I let myself feel their attraction and close my eyes to let them guide me and share their strengths and secrets. They speak to me, inspire me and fill me with their life energy. The name of the sculpture appears to me in the very beginning before I have even begun discovering and uncovering its shape.
My favorite are the white stones for their candor, softness and transparency. They represent purity, naivety and a constant beginning.
When I sculpt I am connecting myself directly to the pure essence of life - the alchemy between the shape, the matter, the sensation, the idea and the spirit. I simplify, remove and try to uncover what is essential. What remains of the matter are the curves, the life and the energy. When I achieve this, the fleeting moment h
Venice Biennale
Palazzo Bembo, Venice italy
Time Space Existence

-Fondation Pastori Geneva, Switzerland
-Sculpture Park Duin en Kruidberg,
Santpoort NL

-Linea Spazio Arte Contemporanae
Firenze, Italia
-Musa Pietrasanta Italia
-Magnolia Galery, Geneva Switzerland
-Sculpture Park Duin en Kruidberg, Santpoort The Netherlands

-Galery Intrecciarte Pietrasanta Italy
-Ibizartguide, Casa Colonial Ibiza Spain

-Sculpture Park Duin en Kruidberg, Santpoort The Netherlands

Artroom ,Ibiza Spain

-Galerie Horizon ,Geneva, Switzerland

-Galerie Horizon, Geneva Switzerland
-Open doors studio Geneva switzerland
-Carpe diem Geneva switzerland

-Miljonairs Fair Amsterdam
-Arte Plus Arte, Casa Colonial Ibiza Spain
-La Galeria, Botafoch Ibiza Spain
-Diario de Ibiza, Ibiza Spain
-Ruta del Arte, Ibiza Spain
-Galerie Es Moli. Ibiza SPain
-Côté lac-combloux france
-Mostra de Creativitad,Ibiza Spain
-Ayuntamento Ibiza

-Galeria Es Moli, Ibiza Spain
-Ruta del Arte, Ibiza SPain
-Noche del Arte, Ibiza Spain
-Salon des Indépendants,Paris,France
-Siac, Marseille France
-Galerie Les Hirondelles, Coppet Suisse
-Refuge du Calvaire, Megève France
-Côté Lac Combloux France
-Art Forum Montreux, Switzerland


-Manoir Cologny, genève-suisse
-Ruta del Arte, Ibiza SPain
-Noche del Arte, Ibiza Spain

-Salon d'Automne, Salles d'Aude France
-Galerie Toiles des Neiges Megève, France

2002 Galerie Voutat Genève
Drôles d'Oiseaux

1996 Hôtel du Rhône Geneva Switzerland

1995 Ateliers de la Poudrière Seyssel Fr

Metamorphose-Collonge-Bellerive, GE, CH

1984 Centre Artistique du Lac Anières CH
Group Exhibitions
Gallery Intrecciarte Pietrasanta( Tuscany) , 50 via Barsanti permanent exhibition
Sculpture Park "Duin en Kruidberg" Eva Mennes Art Productions
Gallery Intrecciarte Pietrasanta ( Tuscany), 50 via Barsanti 
artroom ibiza
galerie horizon genève (bronzes)
galerie horizon genève (bronzes)
ateliers portes ouvertes genève
créations sculptures en pierre
miljonairs fair amsterdam
« arte plus arte » casa colonial ibiza
« la galeria » marina botafoch ibiza
diario de ibiza
ruta del arte ibiza
galerie es moli ibiza
galerie es moli ibiza
ruta del arte ibiza-espagne
noche del arte ibiza-espagne
salon des indépendants paris-france
siac marseille-france
galerie les hirondelles coppet-suisse
ruta del arte ibiza-Espagne
noche del arte ibiza-Espagne
salon d’automne salles d’aude france
drôles d’oiseaux 50 artistes galerie voutât-genève-suisse
hôtel du rhône-genève-suisse
sculptures atelier de la poudrière-seyssel-france
portes-ouvertes ateliers ‘ici-maintenant’ genève-suisse
metamorphose 50 œuvres collonge-bellerive-suisse
centre artistique du lac anières-suisse
Complementary Forces, Masculine/Feminine, Dark/Light,Shiny/Mat
BLACK AND WHITE nero Belgio/Carrara White Statuario
Marie-Lou Muskens
CURVES AND LINES/ il Grande Bianco Statuario Marble
Marie-Lou Muskens
Marie-Lou Muskens
ONDINE, marbre statuario
Marie-Lou Muskens
VERSO LA LUCE Statuario/Nero Belgio/Travertino rosso
Marie-Lou Muskens
TRESORS CACHES Grigio Bardiglio marble/Travertino Rosso
Marie-Lou Muskens

Marie-Lou Muskens
Only For Winners/A de la veine....
Carrara Calacarta Marble
Marie-Lou Muskens, Stein, Marmor
Misfits 2019
Masculine/Feminine Powers
Marie-Lou Muskens, Marmor
Marie-Lou Muskens, Marmor
Various Marbles
Marie-Lou Muskens, Marmor

Marie-Lou Muskens

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