Johannes von Stumm

Johannes von Stumm creates abstract and figurative sculptures out of glass, stone and metal. He is now on the way to replace glass with space. His figures are becoming more and more immaterial, filled with the surrounding light and darkness.
1959 born in Munich, Germany

1969 - 76 Gymnasium (Grammar school), monastery Ettal

1976 - 80 Gymnasium (Grammar school), Munich

1980 - 83 Studied Law and Politics at the University of Munich

1984 - 89 Studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art, Munich

1989 Diploma received

1988 ? 96 Summer - Art - Academy Bildwerk, Frauenau

1993 |95 Assistant teacher at Bildwerk, Frauenau

1988 - 95 Worked as a self employed sculptor in Munich

1990 - 95 Teaching sculpture at studio, Keferloh, Munich

1995 Present studio in South Fawley, Wantage, Oxfordshire,

1997 NEWI, College of Art and Design, Wrexham,
Member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors

1998 Second prize Munster/ Niedersachsen/ Germany

1999 Workshop with Tony Cragg at Lybster / Schottland

New Greenham Common Arts Center

Member of the Oxford Art Society

2001 Guest teacher at Dartington Contemp. Glass Society

Commission for Prior?s Court School?s sculpture garden

2002 Prior's Court School, Newbury for autistic children

2004 Founding Member of Sculpture Network

Public sculpture for Wantage in Oxfordshire

2004 Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors

Treasurer, Royal British Society of Sculptors

Guest lecturer Arts Institute at Bournemouth

2005 Commission for a public sculpture, Newbury/ Berkshire

Member of the 'Deutsche Kuenstlerbund' Berlin

Lecturer Christ Church University, Canterbury

2006 Guest lecturer at Imperial College, London

2008 Guest lecturer at Central Saint Martins College

2009 - 2012 President of Royal Society of Sculptors
2011 Guest lecturer at Shenyang Normal University, China
2014 - President of the Oxford Art Society
2014 - President of Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire
2015 Symposium Changsha China
2015 Scholarship Kyoto Japan
2017 Trustee of Reading Foundation of Art


Exhibitions, Johannes von Stumm, 1992 - 2022

2022 Galerie Verbeeck
London Art Fair January
Open Studios Berkshire and Oxfordshire
Gallery Different, London
Galerie Root, Berlin Germany

2021 Radley College, Oxfordshire
Masterpiece Art Fair London, Patrick Heide Gallery
London, Gallery Different
Escape Art Space, Tonbridge, Kent
Galerie Root, Berlin, Germany

Cornexchange, Didcot, UK, 7. January to 3. February
Galerie Alte Lateinschule, Illingen, Germany, June
Gallery Different, London, UK, October
Galerie Root, Berlin, November 2020
Galería Gaudi, Madrid, Spain
Gallery Patrick Heide, Munich, Highlights Art Fair

Gallery Patrick Heide, London, UK, 23rd of March to 1. May
Galerie Alte Lateinschule, Illingen, Germany, 30. March - 10. May
Senat de Paris, Galerie Boyrié, Paris, France, 28. May to 12th of June
Open Studio, South Fawley, UK 14. May to 19. May
Fresh Air, Quennington, UK, 16.June to 7. July
Garden Gallery 06.06. to 06.07
Tincleton Gallery, Dorset, UK, 12.July - 17. August
Thompson’s Gallery 18.09. - 05.10.


art 3f, Paris Expo, France
Galería Gaudi, Madrid, Spain
Galerie Verbeeck, Antwerp, Belgium
Kunstmesse Karlsruhe
Galerie Boyrié, Nancy, France
Galerie Boyrié, Sarrebourg, France
Galerie Besch, Illingen, Germany
Gallery Hignell, London, United Kingdom
Watermill Theatre, Newbury, United Kingdom
Soul Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada
Tefaf, Mastricht, Netherlands, Patrick Heide Gallery
Salisbury Museum, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Galerie Marschall, Bernried, Germany
Curwen Gallery, London
Thompson Gallery, London
London Art Fair
Galerie Root, Berlin, Germany
Kunstverein Zweibrücken, Germany
Jarfo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

Hignell Gallery, London
Bowman Gallery London
Minster Gallery, Winchester
Zeche Reden, Schiffweiler, Germany
Galerie Besch, Illingen, Germany, one man show,
Open Studios, West Berkshire and North Hampshire

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden
Rachel Bebb, Garden Gallery, Broughton
Newbury Library
Soul Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada
Poco – Design, Sydney, Australia
Galerie Marschall, Bernried, Germany
Gallery Oudenhove, Epe, The Netherlands
Fresh Art, Quenington,
Chelsea Arts Club, London
Jarfo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
Dohjidai Gallery, Kyoto
A. Stones International Art, Bejing
Oxford Art Society, Oxford

The Northwall, Oxford, UK,
La Galleria, London, UK
Oxford Art Society, Radley UK
EWAAC, Kyoto, Japan
OnForm, Asthall Manor, UK
West Lavington Manor UK
Open Studios, West Berkshire, UK
Rachel Bebb Garden Gallery, Broughton UK
Patrick Heide Gallery, London, UK

Galerie Marschall, Bernried, Germany
Robert Bowman Gallery, London, UK, one man show,
Greenham Common Arts Trust, UK
Arlington Arts, Newbury, UK
Gallery Different, London

Open Studio, Berkshire,
Eton College, Slough, one man show,
Kingham, Oxfordshire
Gallery Different, London
Oxford Artist Society, Oxford

2011   Robert Bowman Gallery, London
Thompson Gallery, London
Galerie Besch, Saarbruecken, Germany, one man show,
Galerie 823, Knokke, Belgium
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‘Johannes von Stumm’, Kunstverein Zweibrücken, 2017, ISBN 978-3-86619-129-7
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Guest Lecturer at Shenyang Normal University, China
– 2012 President of the Royal British Society of Sculptors
2014 - President of the Oxford Art Society
2014 - President of Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire
2015 Residency in Kyoto
Sculpture - Symposium in Changsha, China
Commission of ‘Arches II’ for the Museum of Reading
Commission for ‘Three Graces’ to Buscot Park, Private Trust and National Trust

2017 Guest Lecturer at Jesus College, Oxford
Trustee of Reading Art Foundation
2018 Exhibition at Salisbury Museum
'Crossed Sticks'
Johannes von Stumm
'Disk III'
Johannes von Stumm
Johannes von Stumm
Couple in Conversation
Johannes von Stumm
Couple Holding Hands
Johannes von Stumm
Mother and Child
Johannes von Stumm
Welcome Figure, Stainless steel
Johannes von Stumm
Couple Holding Hands, bronze, Grove near Wantage
Johannes von Stumm
Mother and Son, Father and Daughter
Stainless steel,
Johannes von Stumm, Metall
Twenty - Four
Glass, granite, limestone, wood, bronze, stainless steel
Johannes von Stumm, Holz, Metall
Stainless Steel, Bronze, Glass, Granite, Limestone
Johannes von Stumm, Bronze, Stein
Based on the design of a celtic knot
Johannes von Stumm, Bronze, Metall
Black and White
"Black and White", stainless steel, 201 x 104 x 42 cm
Johannes von Stumm, Metall
Female Immaterial Figure
Johannes von Stumm, Bronze
Seated Immaterial Figure
Johannes von Stumm, Metall
Standing Immaterial Figure
Johannes von Stumm, Bronze
My Absent Friend
Seated Couple
Johannes von Stumm, Metall

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