November 2022
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East - West

10 November 2022 00:00 - 03 Dezember 2022 00:00

EAST – WEST is the last exhibition in the program of SOFIA PAPER ART FEST 2022. After presenting a variety of exhibitions as part of the festival's largest section, the Paper Art Biennial, the focus is now on sculpture and installation.

The exhibition shows a selection of artists who are fascinated by three-dimensional possibilities. At the same time, we are launching a long-term exchange project between Bulgaria and Germany, which will continue over the next few years with travelling formats in both countries.

The selected artists will present works in different styles and with diverse messages. The exhibition EAST - WEST aims to question certain aspects of sculpture and installation outside of the exhibition space, even though this particular exhibition presents more intimate works set in the gallery. 

More info: HERE

East - West
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17 Hristo Belchev St.

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