TAK Art Space

26 May 2021 00:00 - 01 Januar 2022 00:00

“One breathing organism”

The Art Space itself, with grasslands, orchard, beautiful trees, a pond, animals, birds and wild flowers, is a poetic meeting place. Culture, nature and ecology come together. Biocultural diversity in optima forma. The Art Space houses a striking collection of modern and contemporary art and design and also offers opportunities to young artists. The studio of the artists couple Brigitte Boss and Arnoudt Geerars (Arnix Wilnoudt) is also located here.

An arena full of culture. 

In this outdoor exhibition and gallery with a variety of sculptures and installations, universal social topics become tangible and negotiable thanks to the language of art. An artwork that invites, challenges and inspires you. It is a source of inspiration for many new ideas, creations, projects and collaborations. And it is a meeting place. This creates a deep and unique cross-pollination here.

A visit to our artspace, studio and gallery is a total experience in which the art offers space for uninhibited curiosity, surprise and reflection.

Time stands still. In “Paradise”, there is no “time”.

The environment offers harmony through the murmur of the trees, the singing of birds, the flowers and last but not least the amazing cloudy skies. You find relaxation and give thoughts space and come to yourself. You are out of the noise of your own world. This is the space we need as a person and we want to share that. We live here for pure beauty and authenticity that we are all looking for.

Collecting is a desire 

We ensure connection and affection and look for the best way to bring sculptures into contact with visitors and potential buyers. It is about added value and to let you get acquainted with the perspective of the artist in his or her world and make that tangible. This makes the artwork come alive and vibrate. Here you can feel the art of living. Behind every dream there is a desire and many desires are easier to fulfill than you think. All the senses are stimulated here: see, smell, taste, feel and hear.

Located in one of the few places in the Netherlands where there is still serenity. Located directly on the heath “Het Houtdorper-Speulderveld” in the municipality of Ermelo. You will not be lived here like in most of the Netherlands where it is overcrowded. And it’s still a well-kept secret …

More info: www.takartspace.com/

TAK Art Space
TAK Art Space
Hessenmeer 88
3852 NZ Speuld (Ermelo)

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