Februar 2021
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"Radiance of Imagination"

16 Februar 2021 00:00 - 30 März 2021 00:00

Sculptors Alliance is pleased to present: "Radiance of Imagination" curated by Lan Shi. From February 16 to March 30, Sculptors Alliance, a New York based not-for-profit organization, is presenting a virtual exhibition “Radiance of Imagination,” on the Sculptors Alliance website. http://www.sculptorsalliance.org/online-exhibitions

“Radiance of Imagination” aims to explore the ways in which artists cope with the heightened sense of uncertainty that has lately threatened our sense of continuity and challenged our endurance. Curator Lan proposes that during these unsettled times, we step forward and show what we can do with imagination and creativity to bring hope to the world. 

“Radiance of Imagination” presents works by 12 artists that bridge the boundaries of sculpture in the materialization of their struggle to conceive what they have dared to imagine. They are: Frances Vye Wilson, Chén Héng 陈恒 ,Janet Rutkowski ,Volker Behrend Peters,

Andrew Orloski, Petra Boshart, Tianlan Deng, Hannah Smith, Duō Lán Nà 多兰娜, Alex Schechter, Zhū Jǐnghuá 朱景华, Mario Molins.

Petra Boshart is a member of Sculpture Network.

"Radiance of Imagination"

New York
United States

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