Lustwarande '20 - STATIONS

23 May 2020 00:00 - 20 September 2020 00:00

This year Lustwarande presents its eleventh edition and proudly looks back on twenty years of exhibition practice in De Oude Warande. The sculpture exhibition STATIONS presents predominantly new work by artists from all over the world, specially made for one of the best-preserved Baroque woodland gardens in the Netherlands.

STATIONS refers to the moment the artists took part in Lustwarande - at the start of their career, or later, at various times in a span of twenty years, sometimes repeatedly - and the current phase in their career, now that they are all mid-career and established. At the same time, the title refers to the seasonal changes that are essential to the location and to the stations of life, to the passage of time, to transformation and transience, and to the aspect of walking that is so important for Lustwarande and related outdoor exhibitions. Where as a walker you stop, with the individual sculptures, stations themselves, new stories unfold, which are noticeably but not immediately demonstrably interconnected.
“Lustwarande lets you walk for many hours (…). In other words, Lustwarande is not only an exhibition in a green backdrop, but also a process, a movement.”
Domeniek Ruyters - The Earth Listens In (Delirious Lustwarande - Excursions in Contemporary Sculpture III, 2019)
Participants in STATIONS include: Huma Bhabha (PK), Monica Bonvicini (IT), Tom Claassen (NL), Berlinde De Bruyckere (BE), Michel François (BE), Gereon Krebber (DE), Mark Manders (NL), Navid Nuur (IR), Ugo Rondinone (CH), Thomas Rentmeister (DE), Maria Roosen (NL), Marien Schouten (NL) and Erwin Wurm (AU).
STATIONS aims at a participation of ten to fifteen artists, who are all given the opportunity to create new work. The selection is based on the current importance of the work of these artists, on bringing together a group of artists of the same generation and on mutual relationships in the various oeuvres.
Curator: Chris Driessen, artistic director of Lustwarande.
STATIONS is open daily from dawn until dusk from 23 May till 20 September 2020. Visiting address: park De Oude Warande, Bredaseweg 441, Tilburg.

Lustwarande '20 - STATIONS
Park De Oude Warande
Bredaseweg 441
5036 NA Tilburg

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