Pedro Tudela. AWDIˈTƆRJU

16 May 2019 00:00 - 20 Januar 2020 00:00

With a career spanning over three decades, Pedro Tudela cuts across disciplines such as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photography. His intervention in the field of sound not only sets him out as a pioneer in the way he approaches them, but also as an entity which can develop its own depth and determine conditions for site-specific manifestations.

The title of the exhibition conceived by Pedro Tudela for the Boiler Hall at Tejo Power Station is awdiˈtɔrju – the phonetic transcription of the word auditorium in Portuguese. In reality, the entire Boiler Hall space will become a stage for an immersive experience which combines a sound piece that accompanies three moments throughout which the space is inhabited by one sculpture and two installations, in a meticulously-designed choreography based on elements such as a suspended bell (made specifically for this context) in a fragile balance with wings lying on the ground, seven bell jars dripping into as many black holes, and a hallway of light covered by transparent tiles.


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Bild: Pedro Tudela, "AWDIˈTƆRJU", Foto: Bruno Lopes, Courtesy of EDP Foundation

Pedro Tudela. AWDIˈTƆRJU
MAAT | Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology


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