Oktober 2019
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Guido Casaretto: The Ghosts of Matter

24 Oktober 2019 00:00 - 22 März 2020 00:00

The exhibition is the latest in a series of individual presentations by artists whose works are featured in the MOCAK Collection.

Guido Casaretto is interested in natural matter – the sea, mountains, the universe, stone and wood. He also investigates processed matter, analysing the characteristics of furniture and ceilings. The corollary of such pursuit is his interest in the ‘human matter’.


Mehr Infos unter: https://en.mocak.pl/the-ghosts-of-matter 

Bild: Guido Casaretto, Do Unpleasant People Share Similar Features? IV, 2019, graphite, charcoal / resin, 193 × 230 × 150 cm, courtesy Adamovskiy Foundation, Foto: K. Kaygusuz

Guido Casaretto: The Ghosts of Matter
Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow


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