Helena Aikin


Landart piece made of stone and brick inspired in a triple spiral neolithic design representing the three stages of the Goddess (virgin, Mother, wise woman)


Abmessungen : 40 cm x 400 cm x 500 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 1000 kg
Jahr : 2021
Material : Stein, Ton

Helena Aikin

For the last 15 years my work as visual artist has involved research on ancient civilizations, which I then recreate in the form of sculptures, paintings and installations. My purpose is to recover a cultural heritage from all 5 continents which I believe encapsulates transcendental, if cryptic messages for the 21st century. I have focused on abstract designs, specially age-old labyrinths which served as astronomical calendars, maps to the Afterlife, metaphors for the different stages of the human voyage or magical objects to attract fertility and auspiciousness. I also use ancient ritually naked figurines from different corners of the planet as a source of inspiration, recreating them in different media for my artistic installations.

auch interessant:

Zulu labyrinth
Helena Aikin
Birth of Sun God
inspired on Aztec mythology
Helena Aikin, Kunstharz, Sonstige
Helena Aikin
God lost in the Labyrinth
Helena Aikin
forgotten goddess
Helena Aikin
Homage to Stonehenge
Helena Aikin
Labyrinth of Mogor-Hoyocasero (Cerrogallinero, Avila, Spain)
Helena Aikin
pigmented plaster. a homage to the goddesses of Baluchistan.
Helena Aikin, Gips
walkable labyrinth in Evora, Portugal
Helena Aikin
BRONZE (directly carved from wax. no mold. unique piece)
Helena Aikin, Bronze
the hidden heart of things. cerro de Collado Mediano, Spain
Helena Aikin
Star wars
installation in 13th century convent Concepcionistas, Toledo, Spain (May 2018)
Helena Aikin, Papier, Kunstharz
22 pieces made of pigmented cement
Helena Aikin, Beton
fired clay. an homage to the ladies of prehispanic Mexico
Helena Aikin
laberinto da Fertilidad
walkable permanent installation. a recreation of an ancient neolithic petroglyph from Knowth West, Ireland, thought to represent the OWl Goddess, symbol of fertility
Helena Aikin, Stein
Northern Wind
inspired in Navaho Mythology
Helena Aikin, Bronze
Council of Matriarchs II
a homage to Neolithic martriarchies
Helena Aikin, Keramik
fertility petroglyph for Mostra de Arte Calhau
inspired on ancient fertility symbols
Helena Aikin, Stein, Beton
Petroglyph I for Mostra Calhau
intervention on stone wall
Helena Aikin, Stein, Beton
Petroglyph II for Mostra Calhau
intervention on stone wall
Helena Aikin
Petroglyph III for Mostra Arte Calhau
intervention on stone wall
Helena Aikin, Stein, Beton
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