Grigorio Antipov

Genesis. Hydrargyrum.

Iconic artwork.
Experimental technique, that started a new era of modern sculpture.
Before shadowdancing was Quicksilver...


Abmessungen : 42 cm x 17 cm x 28 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 2 kg
Jahr : 2019
Material : Kunststoff, Naturstoffe
Bearbeitung : Kunststoffguss
Stil : figurativ, zeitgenössisch, modern, symbolistisch

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Friesian stallion
A sculpture, representing a young Friesian stallion, created for KFPS organization.
Grigorio Antipov, Stein, Bronze
Animalistic artwork representing a young man with two stallions, an a stream. Sculpture was redone in bronze using lapis lazuli as basement. From June 2019 in private collection.
Grigorio Antipov, Bronze, Stein
Genesis. Thought.
Project “Genesis. Dances with shadows” scrutinize feelings, mind, mental and physical, material. To Imagine. To Understand. To Feel. To See. My task is not only creation art images as a combination of different materials (included but not limited by glass, metal, wood and stone) but to understand what is the cornerstone of our consciousness, what is The Genesis? Thought. Imagination as basement, a freedom to think and to learn. The only first way to self cognition is Thought!
Grigorio Antipov, Kunststoff, Mixed Media
The way. Life and Death.
A mountain river as a simbol of infinite life. Two stones - two ways of existence. Wich way do you choose?!
Grigorio Antipov, Stein, Naturstoffe
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