Cami de Can Peret
07340 Alaro, Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Palmyra Sculpture Centre

The Foundation

The Palmyra Sculpture Centre Foundation is established under Dutch law and founded by Ien van Wierst, whose passion for sculpture and sculpting is the driving force of the Foundation. The aim of the Foundation is to create a platform for artists from all over the world, to connect and interact  and enhance their creative energy on the Island of Mallorca.
The international environment and the closeness of nature where the main objectives for choosing this inspiring Balearic Island as a home base for Palmyra. Palmyra has a strong believe in accessability of art and therefor stimulates the creation of public art projects together with the Artists.

The name Palmyra was chosen as a symbol of strength fired by female energy. The city of Palmyra in Syria dates back to 2000 years BC and, after a turbulent history of invasions and expansion, had become a mighty empire under the rule of queen Zenobia in the third century AD. This strong, highly cultivated historical figure, renowned for her power, beauty and wisdom, has been celebrated over the centuries in literature, operas and plays. In light of the history of Majorca, itself with elements from the near east, and the female energy powering the creation of the centre, we feel Palmyra as a name expresses and encapsulates the core energy of this project.

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