Ampertshausen 6
85402 Kranzberg

Latz + Partner

Postindustrial Landscapes
Our new conceptions must design landscape along with both accepted and disturbing elements, both harmonious and interrupting ones. The result is a metamorphosis of landscape without destroying existing features, an archetypal dialogue between the tame and the wild. The image of nature can be made of the ““untouched“” and the ““built“”. Accepting a fragmented world means doing without the complete overall picture and leaving room for the coincidence nature in the web of the layout.

Specific architecture for specific uses does not need to be built. The imagination lets the existing ones be re-interpreted and used in new ways. That can mean uncovering old rules and combining them with new elements and new goals. Artefacts can develop that pursue natural processes in derelict surroundings according to ecological rules initiated and maintained by technological processes. These artefacts symbolise ecology, of both natural and technical systems.


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