Mitgliedsveranstaltung von
Altés Segura, Ernest

Mercantic in Sant Cugat (BARCELONA)
Av. de Rius i Taulet, 120,
08173 Sant Cugat

Four Sculptors


Four sculptors at Mercantic in Sant Cugat (BARCELONA)
January-March 2024

Calcites, Silicates, Oxides, and Polysaccharides

We know that a sculpture is, essentially, an idea concretised, a fortunate utilisation of space. I would also add, an arrangement of the surrounding environment in relation to the specific object. Indeed, when we look at and explore a sculpture, it inherently leads to the perception of its surroundings.

Each sculptor, at different moments in their journey, selects a language to achieve this utopia. The exhibition Calcites, Silicates, Oxides, and Polysaccharides showcases the choice of different mediums and highlights the communion between the artist and the chosen material. This relationship expresses a concept: the authors, together with the material and the work, explain the ideas born within their work studios before there are any limits.

One of the keys to a successful future result is to marry these ideas and visibly materialise them. The chosen material emulsifies with genuine thoughts. It is the relationship of the creator with their accomplices: stone – Cardellà and Codó; glass and iron – Altés; or paper – Llopart and Codó. Ultimately, the viewer receives all this hidden energy through the artworks. Ideas concretised, made visible, and tangible.

[Pep CodĂł]


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