Mitgliedsveranstaltung von
Marina Bauer

Jabukovac 10

PERFORMANCE TO TOUCH - performative installation

Performance¬†to be touched¬†¬†is the second episode of an ongoing project¬†What comes into being?¬†in which performers and visitors co-create the work in the real time and space of the performance. The authors, dance artist and choreographer Zrinka ҆imińćińá Mihanovińá and visual artist¬†Marina Bauer, have chosen the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb¬†as the meeting place for this encounter. The place where the city and the forest touch each other, where the constructed meets the grown and the cultivated interweaves with the abandoned.¬†Performance to be touched develops through six stations - 'Landing', 'Barefoot Islands', 'Running Guides', 'Choreography of Touch', 'Eyes Closed', and 'Moulding'. They all invite and foster movement and listening from outside in and from inside out.¬†Touch and movement are approached as a foundation for learning about the world and establishing relationships.


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